Customer Service

Péter Csikai

From a small store to the country head office in Hungary

26/04/2019 - Péter Csikai is one of many examples of how you can make your own career path in JYSK.

JYSK Sleep Survey

JYSK Sleep Survey: One in four sleeps poorly at night

30/08/2018 - A recent study by JYSK among 35,000 persons from 19 European countries shows that almost every fourth person sleeps poorly at night.

Tanja Ammentorp

Global customer service system secures great service and internal optimisation

07/02/2018 - Investments in a global customer service system puts JYSK in front row when it comes to great customer service.


Colleagues exchange experiences in Poland

27/03/2017 - A group of Polish Store Manager Trainees visited Customer Service Center in Radomsko to gain an insight into the department’s work.