District Managers evaluate Retail Seminar in Bucharest

16/09/2019 - Five District Managers in JYSK from five different countries have told, what it was like for them to participate in the Retail Seminar in Bucharest.

retail seminar

Seamless days in Bucharest

16/09/2019 - On September 4 and 5, all District Managers, Retail Managers and Country Managers in JYSK were invited to Bucharest, Romania, to learn about the new strategy and changes in the District Manager role.

New JYSK strategy poster

New posters - same JYSK

04/09/2019 - As part of our new Seamless and Closer to the Customer strategy, all stores, offices and distribution centres will get new posters, containing the name and explanation of the strategy as well as our JYSK House.

New strategy hashtags_preview photo

Share your strategy experience with new hashtags

02/09/2019 - Three new hashtags, #CUSTOMERFIRST, #GROWJYSK and #EXCEEDEXPECTATIONS, put focus on the main messages of JYSK’s new strategy.


Understand the five Deep Dives

02/09/2019 - “Seamless and Closer to the Customer” is centered around five Deep Dives, which are important areas for JYSK in the new strategy period.


New strategy: JYSK must be close to what is going on

02/09/2019 - From 1 September 2019, a new strategy with the name ”Seamless and Closer to the Customer” is rolled out in JYSK. The strategy has five key areas, which set the direction for our work during the next three years.

Jan Bøgh

Update from our CEO: OneJYSK moving forward

23/07/2019 - A lot has happened since 28 March, when it was announced that JYSK Nordic and Dänisches Bettenlager will become one business unit.

Jan Bøgh

Update from our CEO: Preparing for the next 40 years

17/04/2019 - An update from our CEO & President, Jan Bøgh, about the future of JYSK.

JYSK Naas preview

VIDEO: JYSK opens first store in Ireland

02/04/2019 - On the day of the company's 40th anniversary, JYSK has opened its first store in Ireland, the company's last larger market in Europe.