JYSK store front

New name for almost 1,000 stores in Germany

14/01/2021 - During the autumn of 2021, all stores in Germany will change name from DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER to JYSK.

Jan Bøgh

Update from our CEO: JYSK will stay on track

11/01/2021 - Since October, we have gradually seen more and more of our stores closed, and the current situation is very serious and costly for JYSK.

JYSK colleague

JYSK presents record results after a most extraordinary year

26/11/2020 - Despite a number of special challenges, JYSK found the recipe for success and ended up with an increase in earnings of 15 percent in the financial year 2019/20.


JYSK Austria had a flying first day

02/10/2020 - Yesterday, all JYSK stores in Austria celebrated the official name change from DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER to JYSK, and all expectations were surpassed. The overall sales for JYSK Austria was doubled.

Rebranding Austria

“Rebranding Austria” - a new milestone in JYSK

02/10/2020 - In 50 countries around the world, our company is now called JYSK. Only in Germany are our stores still known as DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER. From 1 October 2020, Austria also became JYSK.

Management meeting in Germany

150 German colleagues evaluate financial year in Hohenroda

11/09/2020 - As a very extraordinary financial year has come to an end, managers from Germany met for evaluation on 1-3 September.

Copyright FSC Danmark

JYSK commits to 100 percent sustainable wood

04/09/2020 - As of 1 January 2022, all new wooden products launched in JYSK will be FSC certified. By the end of 2024, all wood products in JYSK will be made from FSC certified wood.

Jan Bøgh

Update from our CEO: Thank you for your efforts

01/09/2020 - As August ended, so did an eventful financial year in JYSK.

Jan Bøgh

Update from our CEO: Welcome back

21/05/2020 - Jan Bøgh welcomes back colleagues who have had an involuntary break from work due to coronavirus and the closing of many of our stores.