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Ukraine and Poland run together

Ukraine and Poland run together

19/05/2017 - Ukraine-Poland back and forth, a half marathon, culture and last but not least collegial gathering. Everything in less than 24 hours.

Filip Krouka

The grass is greener in a blue shirt

15/05/2017 - Strong values and a unique corporate culture are part of making JYSK an attractive place to work.

László Csikós

JYSK colleague saves a man from drowning

04/05/2017 - Back in March JYSK employee László Csikós from Hungary made a brave decision to jump in the Danube river. A decision that saved another man from drowning in the cold water.

Greek garden furniture

Competition winners share their prize with vulnerable children

26/04/2017 - JYSK in Greece won an internal competition, and the employees have chosen to donate part of the prize to vulnerable children.

Weather goose

JYSK Museum: Meet the weather goose

19/04/2017 - At JYSK Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, there are many exciting things. One of them, which are hard to miss, is this customised JYSK weather goose.

Face Monday

JYSK colleagues ready with their own music video

07/04/2017 - There is news from the band Face Monday, formed by former and current JYSK colleagues, which GOJYSK reported about in December.