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Product quality

How JYSK ensures the quality of our products

19/09/2017 - At JYSK we know that product quality means everything to our customers which is why we make it a matter of pride to ensure good quality and safety.


Double store opening in Athens

15/09/2017 - On August 31st, the JYSK organisation in Greece finished the financial year by opening two new stores in Athens. Since JYSK entered the country two years ago, a total number of 13 stores have opened.

Lars Larsen

Lars Larsen wants to double JYSK

14/09/2017 - JYSK has reached 2,500 stores but owner and founder Lars Larsen’s dream is to double the number of stores worldwide.

Packaging Development Specialist

A man focused on packaging

12/09/2017 - Packaging, that is just cardboard wrapped around our products. Or is it? Not if you ask JYSK’s new Packaging Development Specialist, Lars Høgh.

Alex Bratu Pieter Bult

JYSK partners with UNICEF in Romania to help children

07/09/2017 - JYSK and UNICEF in Romania have signed a three-year partnership to benefit vulnerable children.

Three questions for a colleague

Three questions for a colleague

05/09/2017 - If you had the opportunity to ask a colleague from another country three questions, what would you ask?