Bucha team

Ukrainian team reopens their store in Bucha

31/05/2022 - Life is slowly returning to the city of Bucha, including the reopening of a JYSK store.

JYSK colleague

VIDEO: How to run a business during war

18/05/2022 - Ievgenii Ivanytsia, Country Manager of JYSK Ukraine, gives a video interview to


Colleagues during wartime

22/04/2022 - Employees from JYSK Ukraine share their personal stories from the war.

Joanna preview


24/03/2022 - With more than 28,500 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked three JYSK colleagues to share their workday.


How JYSK helps in Ukraine

09/03/2022 - This is a sum-up of some of the initiatives JYSK is currently doing to assist the victims of war from Ukraine.

JYSK products, private decoration

JYSK in my home

22/02/2022 - Get inspired by how some of your colleagues across Europe have used JYSK products in their own home.

JYSK colleagues

JYSK employees work for one of the world’s best employers

14/02/2022 - According to an international survey by Forbes, JYSK is ranked among the best employers in the world.

JYSK Awards

JYSK Finland won “Best Responsible Employer” for JYSK Awards

31/01/2022 - In several countries, JYSK Awards is a yearly celebration where colleagues are being honoured for their dedicated work. In JYSK Finland, the Awards also got recognition outside JYSK, as it secured them the first place in a “Responsible Employer” campaign.

HR Award, Ukraine

Around the world: Books of dreams, World Cup in floorball and HR Awards

14/01/2022 - Every now and then, we roundup recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check out the latest here.