JYSK deltager i Master Case Challenge

Students present new ideas to JYSK's top management

27/09/2023 - On Friday 1 September, students took part in the Master Case Challenge at Aarhus University. The winning groups was invited to the JYSK Head Office to present their ideas.

Around the world: JYSK for my green city in Croatia

Around the world: Greece wins Business Champions Award and Spain and Portugal reach 150 stores

22/09/2023 - Every now and then, we round up recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check out the latest here.

Martin Amstrup Bang

New EVP in Purchasing wants to optimise what makes JYSK unique

05/09/2023 - A great offer, competent service and Scandinavian designs are among the things that, according to new EVP in Purchasing, give JYSK a strong position in the market.

Signe Lind Jacobsen

New CFO wants to get closer to customers

04/09/2023 - In her new "dream job", JYSK's CFO, Signe Lind Jacobsen, is looking forward to getting closer to the customers.

Rami Jensen

JYSK welcomes Rami Jensen as new President & CEO

01/09/2023 - As only the third person in the company's 44-year history, Rami Jensen becomes President and CEO of JYSK after Jan Bøgh.

Jacob Brunsborg sitting by Lars Larsen bronze sculpture

Family honours Lars Larsen with bronze sculpture

25/08/2023 - At the head office in Brabrand, Denmark, the owner family behind Lars Larsen Group and JYSK has honoured the founder of the company with a full-size bronze sculpture.

Lars Larsen street

Lars Larsen’s name lives on around the world

04/08/2023 - To celebrate Lars Larsen's birthday, we highlight the four streets named after him placed in three different countries around the world.

Brandenburger Tor

JYSK apprentices conquer Berlin

19/07/2023 - In Mid-June, JYSK apprentices in Germany packed their bags and went to Berlin. A special project awaited the talents of tomorrow here.

One day in JYSK

One day in JYSK: Three colleagues share their workday (July 2023)

12/07/2023 - With more than 30,000 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK.