Compliance and Quality

MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX preview photo

JYSK introduces new label to protect the environment

25/11/2019 - As part of the ongoing effort to protect the environment and customers, JYSK introduces MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX on textile products.

Animal welfare - down and feathers

JYSK takes a clear stand against animal cruelty

18/01/2019 - Through collaboration with The International Down and Feather Laboratory, JYSK ensures that down and feathers are not plucked from live birds.

Torben Ladefoged Gjørret

New assembly video with focus on important details

14/01/2019 - To ensure that customers always get a great experience in JYSK, it is crucial that all display furniture is assembled in the right way


”It means a lot to me that JYSK takes responsibility”

10/09/2018 - Ninna is passionate about CSR, and as new Compliance Specialist in JYSK, she is central to the work with responsible supply chain management.

Packsizemaskinen skräddarsyrkartonger för JYSKs Ehandel

New machine makes customised packaging for online orders

23/07/2018 - Since May, JYSK has been making customised packaging for online orders. Minimising air in the packages helps make transport both safer and more environmentally friendly.


JYSK says no to harmful chemicals

20/04/2018 - Harmful chemicals have a problematic effect on health and the environment. Therefore, JYSK has high standards and makes strict demands on suppliers.

Pernille Havndrup on supplier visit.

JYSK optimises packaging of containers and saves transportation

29/11/2017 - 3 JYSK colleagues, 8 days in China and Vietnam and 11 supplier visits have resulted in a saving of 30 containers in transportation.

Assembly days

VIDEO: Furniture goes through test assembly to ensure quality

22/09/2017 - Several times a year, JYSK organises so-called test and assembly days, where furniture, among other things, are tested to ensure that they are easy for customers to assemble.

Textile inspection

VIDEO: Textiles are placed under scrutiny

21/09/2017 - In JYSK’s distribution centre in Radomsko, Poland, the quality department performs thorough inspections on all textiles.