Careers & HR

Šárka has worked her way up in JYSK.

Šárka went from Czech store to Danish Head Office

20/02/2024 - Šárka Ferencová is living proof that when you bring dedication, you meet possibilities at JYSK.

ESS 2024 is now live

Make your voice heard in 2024

16/01/2024 - Now you have a great opportunity to help improve your workplace.

Choose your own brick

Develop your career with new responsibilities

12/01/2024 - Employees can develop their own career path within their existing roles with JYSK's ‘Choose Your Own Brick’ programme.

Franchise values training

Franchisees learn more about JYSK’s company values

05/01/2024 - During FY23, franchisees representing eight countries participated in their first training about JYSK’s company values.

New role responsibility leverages B2B potential

New role responsibility leverages B2B potential

18/12/2023 - In the beginning of FY24, the B2B responsibility was added to a new role to leverage the B2B potential.

Rami Jensen

From trainee to CEO in about 25 years

13/12/2023 - This year, our new CEO marks his 25th anniversary in Lars Larsen Group – although he actually began his JYSK career 26 years ago.

Employees place JYSK among world’s best employers

Employees place JYSK among world’s best employers

11/12/2023 - JYSK employees have used their right and duty to speak up and rated JYSK as one of the best employers in the world.

Kateryna Babenko, HR Director

MYDEVELOPMENT gives power to employees

26/10/2023 - MYDEVELOPMENT replaced the old PDP setup with stronger focus on employee empowerment and personal development.

Shauni participate in JYSK recruitment campaign

Shauni wants to attract new colleagues to JYSK

19/10/2023 - On three different days in October, Store Manager Shauni Lycke and four other JYSK store employees travelled to Denmark and participated in a photoshoot for new recruitment materials.