HR Award, Ukraine

Around the world: Books of dreams, World Cup in floorball and HR Awards

14/01/2022 - Every now and then, we roundup recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check out the latest here.

Glada medarbetare

JYSK winner of two awards in Sweden

20/10/2021 - JYSK stood out as the big winner when the Swedish edition of Retail Awards took place.

DMT programme

Roundup from countries: French cooperation, DC recruitment and biogas truck

09/07/2021 - Every now and then, we roundup recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check them out here.


JYSK’s focus on Best Employer awards is paying off

31/05/2021 - Being named Best Employer is an important recognition for JYSK, because it makes existing employees proud and attracts our future talents and performers. In recent years, JYSK has won several awards for being a great employer.

Sales Attitude

Weekend trip at stake: The best Sales Attitude in JYSK will be decided

25/05/2021 - When June begins, so does the Sales Attitude Competition. The competition will run for three months and all JYSK stores over the world will compete about having the best numbers. The winner store in each country will go on a weekend trip.

Gala CSR Awards 2021: JYSK primește o distincție la categoria Sănătate

Distinction for supporting the Healthcare system in Romania

13/04/2021 - At the 2021 CSR Awards Gala in Romania, JYSK received an honorable mention in the Healthcare category for the project “Emergency Fund for Hospitals”. For the past year, healthcare attracted the highest interest from both the donors and the public.


JYSK Russia wins award for Best New Retailer

25/03/2021 - Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, JYSK expanded to Russia during 2020. Now, the entry in Russia has been rewarded with an award for Best New Retailer.


JYSK now has our own Hall of Fame

19/03/2021 - A plate of honour is now decorating the entrance to JYSK Museum. Here JYSK pays tribute to all employees that have celebrated 40th anniversary in JYSK. So far, four names are on the plate.

Supplier award

JYSK awards best suppliers with prizes

08/01/2021 - The best suppliers received praise, a diploma and a statue for their great efforts.