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JYSK celebrates Customer Service


Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Student Help, Communications

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CSC Spain & Portugal with President & CEO, Rami Jensen
Customer Service Centre Spain & Portugal with President & CEO, Rami Jensen.

The first week of October marked the annual celebration of Customer Service Week. Throughout the week, a variety of daily activities took place within the customer service centres, CSC, in all JYSK countries, providing the teams with a unique and fun workweek.

During the first week of October, all JYSK countries participated in the celebration of Customer Service Week, which is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.

Customer Service Centre in Finland
'I am blue' day at CSC in Finland.

The week offered a range of engaging daily activities for JYSK colleagues in customer service. The primary objectives of the celebration are to strengthen team spirit, get to know your colleagues across countries better and have fun in the teams.

There was a special activity every day in which all countries participated. This included activities such as JYSK CSC bingo, meme competition day and entertaining country presentations where fun texts, photos and videos about the people, culture and habits were presented. The week finished off with ‘I am blue’ day, where teams were challenged to showcase how blue they could go in the spirit of JYSK.

“We learned some really interesting things about all countries we are present in, including their cultures, traditions and what they are known for. All in all, the week consisted of a great mix of celebrating customer service and the people who serve the customers, along with having fun and competing internally at the CSC in JYSK,” says Miia Lauronen, Regional Customer Service Manager.

Sharing stories across borders   

JYSK has CSC in each country where the organisation is present. The centres also made a great effort to share their daily activities with other countries in the common Facebook group.

“We asked the countries to post outcomes of the activities from the Customer Service Week, and it was fantastic to see the high involvement and engagement from all team members. It was impressive,” says Miia.

CSC in Austria
CSC in Austria.
CSC in Ukraine.
CSC in Ukraine.


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