Product Assortment


JYSK is now certified within recycling

24/05/2023 - For years, JYSK has sold products certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), and now JYSK has become certified as a company.

Three Store Managers favourite products

Three Store Managers’ favourite new products

25/04/2023 - Three Store Managers show their favourite products from the new assortment.

ULF in Space Management

ULF receives its own space in JYSK

13/04/2023 - Now, the Space Management team was ready to make the final decisions on how to present the vase ULF in all JYSK stores.

Rasmus and Sandra

Rasmus and Sandra went live with 1,600 viewers

11/04/2023 - JYSK’s first ever live shopping event at Facebook, which was hosted by two colleagues in a store in Denmark, attracted 1,600 viewers and resulted in 8,000 comments in the span of 37 minutes. 

JYSK in my home

JYSK in my home

21/03/2023 - Find inspiration in your colleagues’ use of JYSK furniture and products to fit their housing needs.

ULF in Quality Inspection

ULF gets last approval before meeting the world

14/03/2023 - The vase ULF passed the tests and received a quality stamp in all processes. Now, it was allowed to enter the stores.

WELLPUR packaging

New packaging saves 3 million plastic handles

28/02/2023 - In March 2023, all ergonomic pillows in the WELLPUR assortment by JYSK will be launched in stores and online with improved packaging and production that saves millions of plastic handles and metal zippers every year.

The vase ULF

The art of spotting new products for JYSK

13/02/2023 - It was now time for the JYSK Buyers to do their part in finding all the new JYSK products and the vase ULF.

Belonging trend

JYSK trends relate to new ways of living

17/01/2023 - The vase ULF has arisen from the new JYSK trend “Belonging”, and it has been long underway before arriving in your store.