Product Assortment


JYSK expands Homeware category in several countries

03/11/2023 - Growing sales in the Homeware category have led to six countries adding even more Homeware products to stores.

JYSK in the Living Room

JYSK in my home

30/10/2023 - Get inspired by how some of your colleagues have decorated their personal spaces with JYSK products.

Three Store Managers

Three Store Managers’ favourite new products

10/10/2023 - Three Store Managers are ready to share their absolute favourite products from the new assortment.

Around the world: Smallest JYSK store to date

Around the World: Ukraine reopens store after missile attack and Hungary introduces smallest JYSK store to date

20/06/2023 - Every now and then, we round up recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check out the latest here.


JYSK is now certified within recycling

24/05/2023 - For years, JYSK has sold products certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), and now JYSK has become certified as a company.

Three Store Managers favourite products

Three Store Managers’ favourite new products

25/04/2023 - Three Store Managers show their favourite products from the new assortment.

ULF in Space Management

ULF receives its own space in JYSK

13/04/2023 - Now, the Space Management team was ready to make the final decisions on how to present the vase ULF in all JYSK stores.

Rasmus and Sandra

Rasmus and Sandra went live with 1,600 viewers

11/04/2023 - JYSK’s first ever live shopping event at Facebook, which was hosted by two colleagues in a store in Denmark, attracted 1,600 viewers and resulted in 8,000 comments in the span of 37 minutes. 

JYSK in my home

JYSK in my home

21/03/2023 - Find inspiration in your colleagues’ use of JYSK furniture and products to fit their housing needs.