Product Assortment

 garden event in Romania

Midsommer celebrated earlier at the garden event in Romania

27/05/2019 - Over 100 guests attended a beach party inspired by the Midsommer celebrations and organized at the Danish Embassy in Bucharest. They discovered our new garden collection and the three trends of the summer.

Garden Event in Bulgaria

Harmony - the most loved trend at the Garden Event in Bulgaria

09/05/2019 - Bulgarian journalists and bloggers were invited to a Scandinavian summer evening where they could test and admire the new JYSK Spring/Summer garden furniture collection.

Animal welfare - down and feathers

JYSK takes a clear stand against animal cruelty

18/01/2019 - Through collaboration with The International Down and Feather Laboratory, JYSK ensures that down and feathers are not plucked from live birds.



30/11/2018 - See how your colleagues decorate their own home with JYSK products.

Fossflakes launches pillows in Central Europe this Autumn.

JYSK introduces Fossflakes pillows in Central Europe

28/09/2018 - Fossflakes is a Danish manufacturer of pillows and duvets, which is launching products in the Central European JYSK stores in September. It will be a new chapter in the Fossflakes' history, which already draws direct lines from Skive to JYSK and Hollywood.

trends preview

Trends in focus in JYSK’s marketing

21/09/2018 - When JYSK at the end of September introduces three new trends within interior design, the trends get special attention in the marketing materials.

Rikke Blæsild

Journalists and bloggers experience new JYSK trends

07/09/2018 - On Monday 27 August, JYSK presented the new trends for a special group of people at Hotel Ferdinand in Aarhus, Denmark.

JYSK Sleep Survey

JYSK Sleep Survey: One in four sleeps poorly at night

30/08/2018 - A recent study by JYSK among 35,000 persons from 19 European countries shows that almost every fourth person sleeps poorly at night.

Sleep van

JYSK sponsors sleep van project in Poland

10/08/2018 - JYSK in Poland has provided sleeping products for the Kei-Van Offline, which is a small van designed for meditation and short naps.