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Better customer service results in better sales

Date: 08/01/2024

Author: Sandra Martinsson, Communications Manager, JYSK Sverige

Category: Customer Service , Sales Growth

Customer Service

Customers’ satisfaction is growing with the service they receive from JYSK's Customer Service Centres. The efforts to become a link between the different sales channels and provide a seamless customer experience are paying off.

Miia Lauronen
Miia Lauronen, Regional Customer Service Manager at JYSK

“Customers should get the same experience and service no matter where they meet JYSK, whether it is in a store, online or through a Customer Service Centre. That's why we've put a lot of efforts into creating a unified feeling of the contact with JYSK, and it's paying off," says Miia Lauronen, Regional Customer Service Manager at JYSK.

Every year, the supporters in JYSK’s 21 Customer Service Centres (CSC) provide service to over 3.2 million customers that are in different stages of the customer journey.

The service is highly rated by customers, more precisely 4.78 on a five-point scale. Impressive in a time when CSC tasks are becoming increasingly complex, as the CSC have gone from handling customer questions and claims to being part of the whole customer journey.

“When you are in contact with us, you can expect to receive the same service as when you enter a store. We handle all kind of questions – whether it is related to articles, orders, complaints, sales or help to advice on interior design both to private as well as to B2B customers,“ says Miia.

Filip Stertman
Filip Stertman, Customer Service Manager at JYSK Sweden

Helping customers with the purchase

Offering the customer a complete solution is no longer just a service the customer can get in stores, but something the customer also can expect from a conversation with customer service.

For the CSC in JYSK Sweden, the upgraded service approach has proven to be well appreciated by the customers.

“Customers are pleasantly surprised when we not only advise them but also offer them to make their purchase directly from us. We guide them through the entire buying process and make sure that they get a complete solution,” says Filip Stertman, Customer Service Manager for JYSK Sweden, and continues:

“We have noticed that this creates more satisfied and returning customers, which is clearly visible in our results. Today, CSC in Sweden has a significantly higher turnover than our largest store in Sweden.”

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