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Ciprian Ticleanu, Store Manager at JYSK Ramnicu Valcea, Romania.

Sleep Academy makes good sellers even better

Date: 08/02/2021

Author: Jan Fønss Bach, Intranet Manager

Category: Careers & HR , Customer Service , People , Sales Growth

Since Sleep Academy was launched in 2018, several countries have joined, and before the end of the year, employees from all countries in the Nordic Region will have participated in the training.

Being "sleeping experts" is part of the core of JYSK. Therefore, JYSK Sleep Academy was launched in Denmark in 2018. Now the academy has crossed borders, so that colleagues from other countries have also  had the opportunity to participate.

Ciprian Ticleanu, Store Manager at JYSK Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
Ciprian Ticleanu, Store Manager at JYSK Ramnicu Valcea, Romania

One of them is Ciprian Ticleanu, Store Manager at JYSK Ramnicu Valcea, Romania.

„The Sleep Academy training helped me become better at identifying the customers’ needs. I can now advise them accordingly when they are looking for sleeping products that best suit their needs. This way, our customers are happier and they are more likely to return,” says Ciprian.

Daniella Viltestam is a mattress ambassador for the Värmland district in Sweden. She is still in the process of completing Sleep Academy, but already now she is better equipped to advise customers on duvets and mattresses in the store in Hagfors. Even though the course has become more troublesome due to the corona situation.

"I’d love to meet all and really get the chance to exchange ideas together, but it has worked fine over Skype. On the latest module, I really felt that I got inspiration from the other ambassadors. One thing that really stuck is how incredibly important it is with the sales step we have, to actually reach the best customer service in Sweden,” says Daniella and adds:

Daniella Viltestam from the store in Hagfors, Sweden
Daniella Viltestam is a mattress ambassador for the Värmland district in Sweden

One thing I definitely will bring back to my district is to ensure that everyone knows what code 7 is, the meaning of it and how we use it. As well as check over our routines in sales coaching, how often it is done in each store and if we can make any changes there,” says Daniella.

"We can see that the results are good, when we have targeted training in duvets and mattresses in collaboration with our suppliers," says Retail Process Coordinator Jens Nordby from JYSK's Head Office in Brabrand, Denmark.

He is in charge of getting Sleep Academy rolled out in all JYSK countries.

“Since the first courses, we have gone one step deeper with the training. Once an Area Responsible has been at the Sleep Academy, he or she must train colleagues in their own store, but is now also given the responsibility of training the other Area Responsibles in the district. In this way, we ensure that all stores are well equipped to advise our customers about duvets and mattresses,” says Jens.

During the next financial year (FY22), it will be implemented in all JYSK countries. Sleep Academy will then cover 28 countries and almost 2,800 stores.

What is JYSK Sleep Academy?

  • JYSK Sleep Academy will help to further train JYSK's best sales people by giving them a deeper product knowledge.
  • The District Manager selects the candidates, who must be skilled sellers in either duvets or mattresses and ready to receive even more knowledge and share it with colleagues.





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