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ESS results lead to concrete actions in Norway

Date: 07/11/2022

Author: Fatima Elkadi, Communications Manager JYSK Norway

Category: Careers & HR , Strategy

By diving deep into the results of the Employee Satisfaction Survey, JYSK Norway has been able to improve employee satisfaction.

Norway is one of many countries in JYSK that has succeeded in working with the results from the Employee Satisfaction Survey (also known as ESS).

JYSK colleagues
Martina Pohjanen, Country Manager in JYSK Norway, presented in front of her colleagues. 

Martina Pohjanen, Country Manager in JYSK Norway, is proud of the way she and her team have worked with the ESS results.

„We used a lot of time to analyse and go through the findings involving important stakeholders at all levels, lead by HR and the CMT. The whole organisation was involved in the process as a necessity to finding the right solutions to the problems that we were facing,“ says Martina Pohjanen.

In May, she also shared her best practice with her colleagues across Europe, when she presented her work at JYSK’s annual strategy kickoff in Denmark.

Action on M-learning

One of the findings in the ESS was regarding M-learning, which is JYSK’s internal mobile learning platform.

„The performance rate amongst leaders was very low on one important M-learning course. We have now reset the course and made it mandatory for everyone to participate, and we will follow-up on the course when we have Work Environment Week in February 2023,“ says Martina Pohjanen.

Back to basics

In the Business Plan for the next financial year ending in 2023, JYSK Norway will have extra focus on JYSK Leadership, Area Responsible Time, Daily Plan and Timeplan.

JYSK colleague
Martina Pohjanen, Country Manager in JYSK Norway

„What we have seen is that we must go back to basics and make sure that we have all employees on board in everything we do and that they get the right tools to improve and develop. We are positive that the Personal Development Plan (PDP) is one way of securing this,“ says Martina Pohjanen.

Learning from previous ESS

JYSK Norway has had success on implementing concrete actions around company values and offering trainee programmes to all relevant leaders, amongst them Deputy Store Managers.

„We are especially happy with the results around JYSK Values, because this was a focus area from the last period. We have also succeeded with putting the Deputy Store Managers on the agenda through our trainee programme, and this is confirmed in the ESS answers,“ says Martina Pohjanen.

The next ESS, which is done in all JYSK countries, will be performed in 2024.

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