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take care of each other

Black Friday should be both safe and fun


Author: Laura Roesgaard, Sustainability Communications Consultant , JYSK

Category: Customer Service , Logistics , People

Sanitiser, keeping distance, cleaning, and signs with messages to take care of each other are just as important as great offers. This is what the reality looks like for Black Friday 2020.

“Take Care of Each Other” is the main message when JYSK this year celebrates Black Friday in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael Olesen, Retail Operational Director
Michael Olesen, Retail Operational Director

"Black Friday is the beginning of a busy period and therefore it is extra important to take care of each other. That is why we in all countries will communicate the message Take Care of Each Other,” says Michael Olesen, Retail Operational Director. 

The message will be visible on a number of platforms; such as leaflets, web banners, extra signage, speech balloons, newsletters and radio and TV spots. Each country chooses which elements they want to use.

Safety first

But the message of taking care of each other does not stand alone. A large number of initiatives and instructions will make sure that Black Friday in JYSK is first and foremost a safe, but also festive experience for everyone.

"Black Friday should still be a festive occasion, and therefore we do a lot to ensure that both customers and employees are safe," says Michael.

Among other things, the following can be mentioned:

  • The offers are valid for several days to spread out the customer flow 
  • Extra cash registers in selected stores, so customers get through faster and long queues are avoided
  • Advertising focusing on the fact that all offers are also valid online to constantly remind customers that they are able to stay at home and still get all the great offers 
  • More employees at work to make sure that customers get help quickly and can get through the store in a short time
  • Relaunch of intensified cleaning plan
  • Signage with “Take Care of Each Other” as well as safety signage in accordance with local regulations
  • Lots of hand sanitiser 
  • Countries are encouraged to use outdoor areas for sales exposures as much as possible to avoid crowding inside the store 
  • Lots of products in stock so customers do not have to rush to the store – no doorbuster deals
  • As always, unlimited return – customers can wait as long as they want to return their products bought on Black Friday 
  • Compliance with all local regulations, of course.

A smile brightens the day

Michael Olesen's best advice to his store colleagues is to take care of each other, follow the guidelines - and remember to smile.

“Smile to the customers, even if you are wearing a mask. You can recognise a smile by the eyes - and a smile just makes everything easier. Remember to have a good day. Despite all the restrictions, Black Friday is a festive day,” he says.

Take care of each otherDistance despite busyness

When customers are encouraged to shop from home, it becomes extra busy at the distribution centres where the online orders are packed and shipped. This means more employees at work, but it does not mean that safety is compromised.

"In the room where employees usually pack and sort online orders, there would in connection with Black Friday be too many at work to keep a safe distance," says Logistics Manager in Uldum, Henrik Gromada.

In Uldum, they therefore have established a temporary sorting area in one of the warehouses where employees can sort the online orders. In this way, the workflow is split up and the employees can keep the necessary distance.

"We become a little less efficient by doing it this way, but we just have to take this into account when staffing. In other words, it is not something that customers will notice," says Henrik.

Safety is important, and Henrik’s best advice to employees is therefore always to remind each other to keep a safe distance - even when it gets busy.

In addition, both the distribution centre in Uldum and JYSK's other distribution centres have a number of measures to prevent transmission of coronavirus.

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