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Date: 30/09/2021

Author: Michael Rotermund, Head of Communications Germany

Category: Strategy

Probably the largest company transformation in German retail was completed on 27 September 2021. That was the day DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER changed name to JYSK.

Project plan
The project plan for the Rebranding project.

The rebranding of the biggest country market in JYSK meant not only changing more than 950 German store facades in just seven weeks.

It also included the replacement of many thousands of logos at all touchpoints in the company, going as far as to name tags, pens and balloons, the introduction of new company clothing for more than 7,000 employees and the purchase of 50,000 new shopping baskets with the JYSK logo.

The rebranding project, with a total investment volume of 250 million EUR, is not just limited to changing the name - numerous systems, concepts and technologies with which JYSK is already very successful worldwide will also be converted.

“We want to keep developing and we aim to expand to 1,150 stores in Germany over the next few years. In addition, topics such as sustainability and state-of-the-art technology will also play a major role,” says Christian Schirmer, Country Manager in JYSK Germany.

Wide-reaching campaign and great offers

The completion of the rebranding was supported by a wide-reaching campaign on TV with more than 480 million viewer contacts, and online with more than 300 million user contacts, among other advertising activities. And with more than 670 publications in German media all over the country, the Rebranding project was the widest spread news of the company ever.

25 million campaign papers with great offers were distributed to German households on 26 September, one day before the official "reopening day" as JYSK, with some unprecedented bargains for customers and for maximum customer frequency.

With the rebranding, the Scandinavian roots will be even more clear in JYSK. The word “jysk” means that someone comes from the Danish Jutland peninsula - and Jutlanders are known to be particularly hard-working, down-to-earth and reliable.

“It is precisely these values and attitudes that are central to the JYSK culture. And with our rebranding, we can now communicate this even more clearly to the world,” says Christian Schirmer.

See the project in numbers in this infographic:

The numbers only cover Germany and not JYSK in general.


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