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Inspiration from stores should help CSC to give an even better service

Date: 10/11/2020

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Customer Service

With an additional focus on sales, Customer Service Centres want to improve the shopping experience in JYSK even more.

When a customer calls Customer Service, they of course expect the person on the line to solve their challenge. But what if that challenge is easily solved with a sale of a missing product? Although you might not think of Customer Service colleagues as sales people, that is rapidly changing.

This year sales training has been introduced CSCin CSC. It should help to improve the shopping experience in JYSK. Customer Service Manager in Finland, Miia Lauronen, is excited about the new sales mindset.

“To me sales and customer service are the same thing. We have a hashtag called #ExceedExpectations, and exceeding our customers’ expectations is exactly what we are doing. Customers might not know the difference between mattresses, they just need a new bed, for instance. Here we can help them to the best experience by exploring their needs,” says Miia.

A different kind of communication

Customer Service Supporter in Finland, Roosa-Maria Olkkonen, has worked several years in a store, before she was hired in Customer Service. She explains that of course there is a difference when you cannot see the customer and the customer cannot feel and try the product.

“I think it is important that we are able to give the same service in Customer Service as we do in our stores. Some customers might not ask for help in the stores or the staff might not have time. Basically, it is about asking and listening to the customer’s needs and then telling them about the products,” says Roosa-Maria.

A customer calling in with a complaint will of course not be introduced to all weekly offers, Miia Lauronen points out.

”The Supporters need to focus even more on what customers are saying and connecting the dots and hints to offer them the product that suits them best. And if a customer buys a new bed, we should of course also offer them legs for the bed, just like in our stores,” says Miia.

Roosa-Maria Olkkonen (to the left) and Miia Lauronen (to the right).


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