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Amazing development with Customer Satisfaction Survey

Date: 17/12/2020

Author: Neele Pauls, Communications & PR, JYSK

Category: Customer Service , Technology

Despite challenges due to the coronavirus, the Customer Satisfaction Survey now helps JYSK stores better understanding the needs and wishes of our customers.

In October 2019 the Customer Satisfaction Survey was introduced in Denmark, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In the remaining countries in the former Nordic region and in JYSK Italy, stores started using it in the beginning of 2020, and the rest will follow in 2021.

However, due to the first wave of coronavirus the launch was different than expected.

Amazing development with CSS

“We started just before the first wave of coronavirus hit, and removed all the tablets for this reason. So we actually did not start using the survey continuously until it was relaunched in the summer,” explains District Manager Trainee, Jimmy Thörne, from Sweden.

Helpful insights for better customer service

Despite a challenging first launch, the new start in June has been a success providing many helpful insights for the stores.

Not only does the survey data help structuring the work procedures and the scheduling of the staff in the store, it also has a positive effect on the customer service in the store.

“We realized that using the CSS actually improves the customer service, because when you ask customers to rate you, you put extra effort into your service, which also helps with additional selling,” describes Jimmy.

Store Manager Ronja Ali from Gustavsberg, Sweden, also sees the CSS as a new positive touch to the experience for the customer.

“For the customers it is a nice finish of their visit to the store. They feel special, when you ask them to give us something back. That shows the customers they can change something and JYSK cares about what they think,” says Ronja.

An amazing development to be continued

Overall, the participation of customers in the Nordic region has seen a great development. From August, the overall response rate has nearly doubled until the end of October, although some countries had to close the stores again due to new restrictions from the government.

Looking back at the development in Sweden, Jimmy is impressed so far.

“It has been quite amazing. We see some districts really smashing it with a response rate of 30 to 40 percent in some weeks. We started out with a response rate of 2 to 3 percent and now we are close to having a rate of 20 percent in Sweden for November”, says Jimmy.

Amazing development with CSS
Corona-friendly: With a QR-code customers can now give feedback on their own mobile device

Encouraging customers to give their feedback is of course the most relevant factor to reach a high participation. Therefore, it is very important for the employees in the store to be constantly aware to remind the customers to participate.

“In the beginning it was a little tough, but when I started asking customers to give feedback about the store and the service, my colleagues also felt more comfortable. It turned into a natural part of the conversation with the customer and it also feels like a clap on the shoulder for your work when you get a great feedback,” explains Store Manager Ronja.

Now JYSK Sweden is aiming for an even higher customer participation to further improve the work in the store and the service for the customers.

Corona-friendly tool

In early autumn a corona-friendly support tool has been added. With the help of a QR-code customers can now easily scan the code and rate their service on their own phone, so they no longer have to touch the screen in the store.

“The new QR-code has really been helpful. It is a great supplement to keep the participation numbers high despite the coronavirus. It shows the customers that we care and take the situation really serious,” says Jimmy.

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