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JYSK tests new ways of inspiring more customers


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Sales Growth

Store safari
An external consultant and a group of JYSK colleagues made a field trip to Manchester to explore new possibilities for JYSK's store concept.

Based on a survey and a store review, JYSK is right now testing new tools for stores.

How can JYSK make it even more likely that visitors in stores get inspired to buy something and become customers?

Anita Rytter
Anita Rytter, Project Manager in Business Development

This question has been asked thousands of times since the opening of the first JYSK store in 1979. It will also be asked again and again in the future, because it is always possible to improve on this. That has also been the case during this financial year, when a work group from the head office in Brabrand (Denmark) has been put together to improve on the topic.

In November, the work group had a field trip to Manchester (United Kingdom), where an external consultant made a review of a JYSK store and several other retail stores to highlight where he sees that JYSK could improve.

“It was very interesting with external inputs on how we can improve. In general, we are working with the project in two different tracks. How can we improve the concept and what can our store colleagues do,” says Anita Rytter, Project Manager in Business Development.

Big survey among Retail Managers

Sales Machine
The new Sales Machine fixture at the cashier's desk.

The inputs from the field trip have been evaluated along with a survey among Retail Managers, who have visited stores and talked to visitors who did not buy anything. Together with previous learnings from Country Directors, these insights have led to different improvements that in the coming months will be tested in some stores.

For instance, new Sales Machine fixtures in front of the cashier’s desk are being tested in Denmark, Norway, and West Balkan. In the Viby store in Denmark, this has shown very good results.

“It is something most of us know from our local supermarket with shelves full of small impulse buys. Here, you really have the chance to inspire, while the customer is waiting in line, and maybe the customer discovers a product he or she were not aware they needed,” says Carsten Nørgreen Weinkouff, Executive Vice President Retail Development, Customer Service and B2B.

QR codes and new signs

Furthermore, new signs are being developed and tested, where the text has been transformed into icons that are more intuitive for customers. For instance, this could help the customer by showing more clearly whether it is a warm or extra warm duvet in the duvet and pillow area. QR codes will also be tested, as they can both help the customer find out more about a product and show the online assortment.

”So far, our work has been focused on getting to understand our customers even better and identifying the right solutions. Now, we are in the process of designing new elements and making them ready for test and implementation. Hopefully, the great effort from all involved will help us convert even more visitors in our stores to customers,” says Anita.

The current layout of the sign for the BESSEGGEN duvet.
The draft for the new sign of the BESSEGGEN duvet.

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Max The new Sales Machine looks much more professional than the tables or baskets and the hopefully new duvets signs are really nice. They are much easier to understand. I am looking forward for more adjustments like this.
Kamylla Excelente! Fica visualmente e comercialmente bem melhor com este novo modelo de máquina de venda :)
Estas melhorias é bom para todos: os clientes conseguem ver melhor os produtos e nós conseguimos impulsionar as vendas.
Iwona Listwy są bardziej czytelne :) zmiana na plus. Kosz przy kasie wygląda obiecująco 😊😊

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