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Bring Dedication campaign results

“Bring Dedication” reached more than 53 million people

Date: 29/09/2022

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Intern

The campaign Bring Dedication reached more than 53 million people and gained over 25,000 sign-ups on the campaign page.

Key Figures

53.9 million people reached

975,000 visits on campaign page

764,000 visits on the jobsites

25,000 registers for more information

12% more applicants than normal

In spring 2022, JYSK ran a recruitment campaign named “Bring Dedication”. The goal was to attract candidates for vacant positions at JYSK and to increase awareness about JYSK.

“We want to become more visible in the markets, where we are not well known yet. So, the purpose of the campaign was to be remembered next time people look for a new job,” says Camilla Ölander, Employer Branding Manager.

The campaign reached 53.9 million people across all JYSK countries, except Romania and Ukraine, where it was not distributed.

It is quite amazing that we had over 25,000 people interested in JYSK. That is something to be proud of.
- Camilla Ölander, Employer Branding Manager.

25,000 people signed up

When the campaign ran, it was possible for people to register if they found JYSK to be an interesting workplace. Afterward, HR could send more information to those interested candidates, e.g. when a job position opened in their local area.

“It is quite amazing that we had over 25,000 people interested in JYSK. That is something to be proud of. When people had registered, we were able to stay a bit more in the mind of people, because they allowed us to send them relevant job information,” says Camilla.

We are hiring
An example of material from the campaign

Localised campaigns

The frame of the campaign was driven by the HR and Marketing departments, but each country was responsible for localising the campaign to gain a better reach. This was utilised through, for instance, local competitions, organic TikTok videos, and organic Facebook posts, both new content and sharing of the official content.

“It is very important to localise the campaigns. The knowledge is best inside each country on how to reach the locals. We have stores in many local areas, bigger and smaller cities, and that is where we need to be visible and be on top of mind for candidates when they chose their employer,” says Camilla.

JYSK now has a lot of data to measure against when the next recruitment campaign runs next spring.

“We have learned a lot from this campaign. Now, we make improvements and test, for instance, the performance of platforms for the next time, so we can attract even more great colleagues at JYSK,” says Camilla.

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