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Tiia and Dominik have found their path in Customer Service


Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Student Help, Communications

Category: Careers & HR

There are many ways to grow professionally, and Dominik Urbański from Poland and Tiia Suurmeri from Finland are proof of how dedication opens doors to numerous possibilities at JYSK.

Dominik Urubanski, CSC Specialist
Dominik Urbanski, Customer Service Specialist.

Dominik has been with JYSK for three years and has advanced his career within the Customer Service Centre (CSC) in Poland. He started as CSC Supporter in Poland, and within just over a year, he was promoted to Area Responsible. This allowed him to take on greater responsibilities which fit well with Dominik’s interests. In April, he began a new role as Customer Service Specialist.

“Being promoted to a higher position allowed me to see a career path and motivated me to work even harder. I believe my skills and achievements caught the attention of my managers which led me to my new role as a specialist in CSC,” says Dominik and continues:

“My journey has forced me to step out of my comfort zone, but I needed that to grow and felt confident it this was the right path for me.”

A career path full of opportunities

Tiia Summeri, CSC Specialist in JYSK
Tiia Suurmeri, Customer Service Specialist.

For Tiia, a job in customer service was supposed to be a short-term solution but to her pleasant surprise, she enjoyed working with customers and had a natural ability to understand and learn systems quickly.

"I realised that working in customer service could actually be enjoyable. It became important to me that I could engage with customers while still maintaining my own space,” she says.

Tiia began as Supporter in CSC in Finland and early in her journey at JYSK, she embraced opportunities to take on more responsibility and new challenges.

“My enthusiasm and willingness to seize new opportunities have been crucial throughout my journey at JYSK. I have always been eager to help and take on different roles. For instance, I volunteered during a busy period in Ireland, and I offered to help training colleagues at CSCs in Sweden and Denmark. I believe my proactive approach has played a significant role in my career path,” says Tiia.


My advice to young people considering their careers is simple but effective: Trust yourself, be open to new opportunities, and explore your strengths and preferences. JYSK is constantly growing and offers a lot of different possibilities.
- Tiia Suurmeri, CSC Specialist

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