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One day in JYSK – Store Manager edition

Date: 12/05/2021

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR

At, we want to mark our international employer branding campaign that celebrates reaching 3,000 stores and aims to attract 2,000 extra Store Managers.

We are doing so by taking a closer a look at what it actually means to be a Store Manager. This time we are going to Belgium, Greece and Portugal.

Camille Didier, Store Manager, Belgium

Camille 1
“I am helping a customer looking for a garden lounge set. I suggest the TAMBOHUSE because he is looking for something spacious and comfortable. I explain to him the advantages of the table and demonstrate the use: as both a low and high table.”


Camille 2
“See it? Fix it! To keep the store clean and to be able to focus on each customer, I don’t wait to clean up and fix small things. If I see an item that is not tidy, I go straight to work and put it away.”


Camille 3
“I want the customer to be satisfied and not leave the store with the idea that something is missing, so at the checkout, I offer extra items such as bags that can help them carry their duvets and pillows. Also, showing my team how proper sales and service is conducted is very important.”


Camille 4
“I help my colleagues learn and develop their skills. Here I am showing my colleague how to arrange a shelf and explain how the space works as part of her introduction programme.”


Stelios Vergados, Store Manager, Greece

Stelios 1
“Checking the availability of each article gives you the opportunity to have an attractive store for the customers. Having the right stock is vital for both the daily fulfilment of the store and the customer service.”


Stelios 2
“On a daily basis, we check the quality of the products’ fitting and level of cleanliness, as it ensures us that all the products look attractive.”


Stelios 3
“We are doing our best to have all of our stores’ prices up-to-date, making sure that no customers will leave the store without getting informed about our special offers and campaigns.”


Stelios 4
✓ Safety boots
✓ Working gloves
✓ Face mask
✓ Mini-mover


Carla António, Store Manager, Portugal

Carla 1
“I start preparing my day already while driving to work. I decide on a clear ambition of what I want to achieve. Listening to happy music along the way makes it all work, and then I am able to share my energy and eagerness to make things happen with everyone around me.”


Carla 2
“I check the results of the previous day while drinking my tea. I plan the day and delegate the tasks to each member of the team, so that everyone can carry out their activities effectively.”


Carla 3
“Training is one of the things I enjoy doing the most. I believe that the success of our store depends on constant development. At every shift, I make a point of listening to opinions and provide feedback to my colleagues. Strong teams create a strong connection with our customers.”


Carla 4
“Much of my time is dedicated to creating an excellent experience for those who visit us. Selling is about offering solutions that bring satisfaction.”


Carla 5
“At the end of the day, I celebrate having learned, taught, inspired and exceeded the expectations of our customers. More to come tomorrow!”


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