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Date: 14/04/2021

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant, JYSK

Category: People

With more than 26,500 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked four JYSK colleagues to share their workday on

In the following you will meet:

  • Jasmin Keväänranta from JYSK Lielahti in Tampere, Finland
  • Florentina Dumitru from Customer Service in Romania
  • Bastian Böhm from Distribution Centre Homberg in Germany
  • Gréta Kertész from JYSK Hungary’s Head Office


Jasmin from JYSK store in Finland

Jasmin Keväänranta is Deputy Store Manager in JYSK Lielahti in Tampere in Finland.

Finland 1

Me and my colleague, Sales Assistant Laura Kolistaja, celebrate the good and successful sales.

Finland 2

I am helping a customer in the mattress studio – selling a Gold-mattress and of course informing the customer all about the product.

finland 3

I clean the customer survey tablet. We make sure that all surfaces are disinfected and cleaned regularly.

Finland 4 2

I prepare the campaign for next week. I study the great offers, plan which articles to be placed on powerline and I check the bestselling articles. With this information, I am able to inform our Logistics Responsible and we can place an order for additional items if necessary.

Florentina from Customer Service in Romania

Florentina Dumitru is Customer Service Supporter in Romania.

Romania 1

Usually, I arrive at the office early in the morning. I try to prioritise time to start the day by drinking coffee together with my colleagues and to discuss some important things from the previous day. Now, we have learned to drink the coffee together on Skype Meetings, because it is an important part of the teamwork even though you work from home. This moment is also important for us to keep the team spirit.

Romania 2

I start the working day by checking the daily tasks. In the morning, I check how many new emails I have and allocate them to my colleagues. After that I organise and plan my own time - I look into if I have some replies from customers and update the emails which I have on hold. All of this will help me to be prepared when the phone line opens, and I will be ready to give an excellent customer service.

Romania 3

Once the phone line is opened the real adventures in customer service begin. In the morning, I receive many calls and chats. It is very entertaining; this is why I like my job. This week, I like to exceed my sales results and focus on potential customers when receiving phone calls.

Romania 4

There are situations where I need help from my colleagues from the other departments. They are always there for us with quick and professional help.

Bastian from Distribution Centre Homberg in Germany

Bastian Böhm is Operation Manager at Distribution Centre Homberg in Germany.

Germany 1

My working day usually starts with the daily planning. I collect data from incoming customer orders and inbound containers. All these numbers are collected in an excel sheet, which I send to all departments to let them know what our daily volume is.

Germany 2

Every morning, I meet with my Shift and Team Leaders to hear what is going on in every single department. We talk about the daily work, possible problems and try to find solutions.

Germany 3

During the day, I visit every department to be visible to my employees. I want them to feel free to ask me any questions. It is important to see my colleagues every day and make sure, that there is a positive atmosphere at the Distribution Centre.

Germany 4

At the end of the day, I check what our daily level has been, and I make a plan to change things into an even better direction. There are a lot of different challenges to handle every day, which makes me proud to be a part of JYSK.

Gréta from Head Office in Hungary

Gréta Kertész is Store Concept Coordinator from Hungary.

Hungary 1

As Store Concept Coordinator my daily tasks depend on the campaigns, activities and seasonal changes in the stores. When I am in the office, I always start with answering emails, phone calls and support tickets from the stores and District Managers.

A big part of my job is translating and following up on the changes in the concepts, making sure that the stores have all the information they need to ensure attractive stores.

Hungary 2

To check the conceptual level in the stores I need to be very precise and pay attention to the details. I always make reports in MYJYSK for the stores. This way I can follow up on the tasks the next time I am visiting.

Hungary 3

Most of the time, I ask the Store Manager to join me, when I go through the store. This is important because it is much easier to explain something by showing it. We talk a lot about the concepts, I explain why we do things in a certain way, how it improves the stores and how I can support them more in the future.

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