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Introduction of mobiles in the DBL region

Mobile phones ease daily work in DBL region

Date: 06/11/2020

Author: Neele Pauls, Communications & PR, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Expansion , People , Technology

Since September, mobiles have been introduced in JYSK and DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER stores in the former DBL Region. While working with the mobile is well known in most countries, for many colleagues in DBL Region this is a change bringing some challenges and a lot of opportunities.

“The first reactions of some of my older colleagues were: Smartphone? Doesn’t that look strange to the customer? I don’t really use more than messenger. I don’t know, if I can work with this,” describes Sandra Klenko, Store Manager in Singen, Germany.

Introduction of mobiles in DBL region
Initial scepticism quickly turned into enthusiasm.

However, she tells that the initial scepticism has quickly turned into enthusiasm and realisation of the benefits of using the mobiles in the stores.

“As soon as my colleagues noticed how much easier it makes their life, they were very positive. It’s great to be able to call anyone anywhere,” Sandra says.

Yannick Meenken, Store Manager in Kiel, Germany, also experiences lots of positive feedback from his colleagues in the store.

“Many tell me they think the company is really moving in the right direction,” he says.

A step closer towards One JYSK

Sandra and Yannick are two of the many Store Managers experiencing the introduction of the new mobiles to their stores this autumn. By the beginning of December all stores in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal will on average have three mobiles per store.

This step does not only facilitate contacting each other and performing tasks in the store, but also forms a base for introducing MYJYSK and aligning procedures across all JYSK countries.

Yannick is looking forward to further developments and sees the actual potential of the new equipment in the future.

“At the moment especially the communication with each other is way easier, but the mobiles will be more and more integrated into our daily work life. I believe, we will fully realise the potential of the mobiles, when we will use them in all our daily work life, especially when MYJYSK will be introduced,” he says.

Great changes for colleagues and customers

The concerns that customers might have a negative perception of employees using the mobiles in the stores have not come true.

“If we are consulting a customer on matrasses and in that moment we can get our smartphone and immediately look up good offers, it is not only great for us, but also for the customer,” says Sandra.

Additionally, employees in the store no longer have to go into the back office to receive and perform tasks, but can simply do them in the store by taking a look at their smartphone. This benefits all colleagues in the stores, as well as the customers, because the staff will have more time for them.

Introduction of mobiles in DBL region
Colleagues from DBL region can now immediately look up great offers for their customers.

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