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JYSK trends relate to new ways of living

Date: 17/01/2023

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Consultant

Category: Product Assortment

In this series, you will get a glimpse into the high-quality work that lies behind the becoming of JYSK products, starting as a colour sample, and evolving into real products. This is the first article in a series of four.

The vase ULF
The vase ULF.

The vase ULF has arisen from the new JYSK trend “Belonging”, and it has been long underway before arriving in your store.

It is this time of the year again. The big transition from indoor to outdoor, where a lot of brand-new products arrive in your store and in your hands. One of the new items is the vase ULF.

The first steps in the becoming of the vase ULF were made two years ago when the Range & Design department started defining the new JYSK trend “Belonging”. Range & Design defines all new trend directions in JYSK. They do this by looking at the new living needs in the world and seeking inspiration through travelling, going to fairs, and looking at online platforms.

The process of defining a new JYSK trend begins by ascribing words and headlines to movements and trends in society.

“We started working on the trend “Belonging” in January 2021. Here, we started off with words such as “Crafted wellness”, “DIY priorities”, and “Vintage, Mend & Repair”. But the process of finding inspiration for trends is never-ending. So, we need to stay updated on the societal needs and new ways of living all the time,” Rikke Blæsild explains, who is Range and Design Manager in JYSK.

The Scandinavian DNA is a guiding principle

There are many things to keep an eye out for when defining new trends. Therefore, Range & Design needs a guiding principle to stay on track and secure the JYSK thread in all trends.

“We do a lot of research when defining trends. There are all kinds of input with many different trend directions in our research. So, we use the Scandinavian DNA of colours and shapes to guide us and pursue the right inspirational paths. Then, we can stay true to our brand,” Rikke says.

“We do not board the train of quick trends”

The Scandinavian DNA helps Range & Design closer to being successful, but it is also important to know the JYSK customers’ needs and preferences in sleeping and living.

“We need to define trends that our customers can relate to, but we also need to make sure that we do not board the train of quick trends. The process of transforming a trend into an actual product in JYSK is long, so we must stick to the long-term trends to make sure that our customers still want to use our products two years after we define the trend,” Rikke explains.

belonging trend
The new JYSK trend "Belonging".

Preparing the next step

Six months after the first words were ascribed to the new trend “Belonging”, Range & Design hands their trends over to the purchasers.

“In the briefing, we outline colours and shapes, as well as feelings and needs in society that the trends relate to. But we also hand over concrete descriptions for each trend in each product category. Then, every purchaser knows exactly what their next step is,” Rikke says.

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