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JYSK Italy moving quickly in the right direction

Date: 02/12/2020

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Attractive Stores , Expansion , Product Assortment

Despite setbacks caused by coronavirus, 2020 has been a very positive year for JYSK Italy.

Daniela Ara
Store Manager from JYSK in Sassari, Daniela Ara.

New store concept, new products, new procedures in stores and more modern tools.

A lot of things has happened in JYSK Italy, since project U-turn was set into motion in September 2019.

And even though coronavirus has caused some setback, Store Manager from JYSK in Sassari, Daniela Ara, has had a great experience with the changes so far.

We tried from the beginning to make our own new guidelines, both new store VM concept and operations procedures. We all participated actively in the store transformation creating new exhibition areas, layouts, Nordic Mood and Powerline. We studied the procedure for unlimited returns and discussed the convenience of EDLP to ensure that everybody understood it. And last but not least, MYJYSK gave us the possibility to have a tool capable of speeding up our tasks and focus on objectives and always feel part of the same growth project,” says Daniela and continues:

”The most important change was definitely the new store map. Set up by function, new exhibition layouts, new positioning of fixtures and new fixtures totally changed the visual merchandising and therefore the vision of the whole store. Our store is much more attractive now.”

Make it easier

And according to Country Manager of JYSK Italy, Cesare Bailo, it has been important to carry out changes that make the job easier for store employees.

Cesare Bailo
Country Manager of JYSK Italy, Cesare Bailo.

“It was very important to introduce changes, which actually make things easier, like price guarantee and unlimited returns. This is something that changes a lot for store employees, because instead of saying no and discussing with the customers, they can make customers happy by offering a refund,” explains Cesare and continues:

“It has also been great to introduce new and more modern tools. When we introduce mobile phones to replace fax machines, it makes employees feel more competent and professional, because they have digital tools.”

New assortment increases sales

In his opinion, Italians are generally very happy to embrace change, as long as they can see the purpose.

“The vast majority of employees have been very happy with the changes we have made so far. Everyone is moving in the same direction, and we can see that it works. In areas like bathroom, where we have a new assortment, sales are up by 50 percent. Our new store concept has been very well received and sales have generally improved, despite the challenges caused by coronavirus,” says Cesare.

Francesco di Gati
Francesco Di Gati, Store Manager for JYSK in Jesolo.

This also means that he and his team have become more ambitious.

“I can see a future with well over 300 JYSK stores in Italy. Perhaps even 600 in the long run. We want to play in the Champions League, and that means that we want JYSK Italy to be in the top 5 of JYSK countries. And when we get there, that will not be enough either,” says Cesare.

Well received by customers

In JYSK in Jesolo, Store Manager Francesco Di Gati is not concerned about whether JYSK Italy reaches 600 stores or not. For him it is all about making sure that customers get a great experience, every time they visit JYSK. And so far this has been the case.

“The customers reacted as expected with enthusiasm, appreciating the new concept, the new assortment, the new company policy on unlimited returns, as well as the introduction of price guarantee and Every Day Low Price (EDLP). This certainly puts us in a position of advantage towards our competitors. I am sure that the Jesolo store will be able to make the most of all these changes and will have many successes and big sales in order to achieve all our goals and refit our store to the new 3.0 concept,” says Francesco.

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