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JYSK Italy invests in employee development


Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Student Help, Communications

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JYSK Italy Team ready for DMT


On 26 February, JYSK Italy launched the first District Manager Trainee (DMT) programme at the Head Office in Milan. Five trainees will enhance their skill set and develop new competences.

JYSK Italy is in rapid development and has a clear goal of opening a total of 350 stores in the country. To support this growth, JYSK Italy is investing in employee development and training to secure a strong talent pipeline at every level in the organisation.

I have great expectations for the DMT programme.
- Marlene Moretti| District Manager

Last year, JYSK Italy introduced the Store Manager Trainee (SMT) programme with great success, and this year, the country expands the training possibilities even further. The country now offers a new training programme for current and future DM’s.

One year of training begins

Marlene og Marco er blandt deltagerne
Marlene (left) and Marco (right) is two of the trainees, who look forward to learning new things and developing new skills.

On a cloudy day at the end of February, five trainees gathered at the Head Office in Milan for the first week of trainings, which offered a combination of classroom training and workshops and on the job training with a Mentor between each module.

The trainees will follow the programme for a year, consisting of five modules, where they will develop the necessary skills within leadership, staff development, and implementation and optimisation.

Marlene Moretti, a newly appointed DM in District 7, is eager to develop a strong base of knowledge and improve her competences in the role:

"I have great expectations for the DMT programme. I see this as an opportunity to strengthen my skills in various areas in my current role, as well as overcome challenges and personal boundaries. I am proud to say that I work for a top employer, who invests in employee development and training courses,” says Marlene.

Marco Altavilla, Store Manager in JYSK Gallarate, looks forward to learning more about the role as a DM.

“I joined JYSK one year ago as SM, and immediately feel in love with JYSK. I look forward to learning new skills because it enables me to become a DM one day. I am interested in key areas of the DM role such as planning and scheduling,” says Marco.

JYSK employees bring dedication to DMTPersonal and professional growth

A strong team of trainers have been selected to equip the participants with a robust skill set to take on the role as DM. One of them is Giovanna Grosso, HR Manager:

“I am proud to welcome trainees to our very first DMT programme. One of our employee promises is to invest in employee development, and we have big ambitions for this programme. Throughout, trainees will not only acquire the essential competences required for succeeding as DM, but there will also be an opportunity to experience personal growth,” says Giovanna and adds:

“This programme is much needed, and we expect to have even more participants next year."

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