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“Dare to Care”

Date: 10/06/2021

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Careers & HR

From 14-25 June, JYSK will carry out an internal campaign called “Dare to Care” to ensure extra focus on work environment.

Dare to Care
Simona Carp, HR Manager for JYSK Romania and Bulgaria, visiting JYSK Militari store in Bucharest to evaluate how we implement the work environment rules.

Great colleagues last longer, and being a great colleague includes using the right and duty to speak up, when you see colleagues endangering themselves.

That is the philosophy behind a new campaign called “Dare to Care”, which will ensure extra focus on work environment in JYSK stores.

The main focus is to make it clear that work environment is something, which is taken very seriously in JYSK, and that everyone must remember to use the aiding tools provided.

The campaign will run from 14 to 25 June, and during this period there will be additional content about work environment on MYJYSK, just as a number of stores will receive visits focused on the work environment in the store.

“The safety of our employees is crucial to JYSK, and therefore it is important to raise awareness of the work environment in our stores. Not just to ensure that everyone acts in a correct way, but also to encourage colleagues to take care of each other. It may sometimes feel uncomfortable to speak up. But if a colleague is in risk of getting hurt, it is extra important to use the right and duty to speak up. That is why we call the campaign ‘Dare to Care’,” explains Regional HR Manager Jacob Paradisgaard Hansen.

Many initiatives

HR Manager for Romania and Bulgaria, Simona Carp, has spent a lot of time preparing for the campaign. asked her four questions about what the employees in JYSK Romania should expect during the campaign.

Dare to CareHow will we implement the “Dare to Care” campaign in Romania?

“When we planned the activities for this campaign, we were very focused on involving all our colleagues. Our company takes the health and safety rules and work environment very seriously, and we have many trainings regarding this topic. Still, it is important from time to time to remind our colleagues of the importance of work environment, and an internal campaign will help us do this. We open many new stores in Romania, which also means that we have many new colleagues, and this campaign will also help us involve them.”

Which activities will we run during the campaign?

“We will begin promoting the campaign one week before the official launch, through in-store posters, which remind our colleagues about the most important health and safety rules.

The next step will be to identify the stores that are successful in following the rules. Each store will appoint one colleague, who will represent the team in the competition. The contest will have three stages: We will find a winner for each district, then for each region and finally a country champion, which will be the winner of the third stage of the contest. The contest name is “The Safety Championship”.”

Who will be involved in the contest?

“The District Manager will visit the stores to decide the winner. During the visit, the District Manager will fill out an evaluation survey and check all the aspects that our colleagues need to take into consideration to secure a good work environment.

Dare to CareThese aspects cover the rules for preventing spread of coronavirus, ergonomic techniques, how to best use our tools and equipments, safety rules in the stockroom and work environment. The District Manager will decide on the final score for each store together with the HR Business Partner.

The Retail Manager, HR Manager and Country Manager are also involved, as they will visit some stores, they will post updates in our internal group and talk about the contest and how the stores implement our work environment rules.”

Do you have any advice for our colleagues?

“The best advice can actually be found in the name of the campaign: “Dare to Care”! They have to think more about their safety and the safety of their colleagues, and less about how easy it is to do something by not following the rules. The rules are simple and clear, we have special trainings, and it is easy to remember them. If they have a good attitude, and if they understand the rules, it is easy to respect the work environment. Health and safety must always be on top of their minds.”

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