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Competition is over – but sales attitude continues

Date: 22/09/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Sales Growth

The store staff in Torrevieja, Spain. Francisco Fiñaga (number one from right) is the Store Manager.

As August ended, the Sales Attitude Competition was over. However, this does not mean that sales attitude is also in the past. Now the focus should be continued.

For three months, all JYSK stores have had extra focus on sales attitude. The right attitude towards customers will help getting more sales and happier customers, and that was why the Sales Attitude Competition was launched.

Now the competition is over, but the sales attitude should remain. In Spain and Portugal, the store in Torrevieja is the overall winner, and now the store colleagues will go on a weekend trip, while the country management team will take care of the store like for all other national overall winners.

“We are proud to win this award because it means that we are working in the right way and it is a fantastic reward to the team for the effort made,” says Store Manager Francisco Fiñaga.

Héctor Torres
Héctor Torres is Retail Manager in JYSK Spain and Portugal.

Great energy to continue

Retail Manager in Spain and Portugal, Héctor Torres, would like to praise the store in Torrevieja for its high level of readiness for customers. In general, Héctor has experienced great energy in the stores and a great focus on customers, when he has visited stores in Spain and Portugal during the Sales Attitude Competition. He expects this to continue.

“During financial year 2020-21, we have promoted and created a culture and movement of sales attitude in Spain and Portugal. This has resulted in an autonomous sales attitude push in the stores. On this basis it has been easier to encourage, follow up and push the sales attitude competition. The competition has been a fantastic driver on which to further increase sales attitude,” says Héctor.

Customer first and attractive store

According to Francisco Fiñaga, the winning recipe is to always put the customer first and make the store very attractive to the customer. This will also help create a better atmosphere in the store for the customer and the store team.

“That every effort is worth it not only for the prize but also for our pride, and that every little detail in a sale has its reward. We will continue training ourselves in all the new products and refreshing what we already know to be able to give a splendid service to the customer,” says Francisco.

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Dirkidirk Congratulations to all of you, but Team Germany will also start on September 27th !!!!!! Good sales everyone! 😀🎊🎉🎊😀

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