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CIO celebrates 20th anniversary at JYSK

Date: 01/05/2023

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Head of Communications & PR

Category: Careers & HR , Technology

On 1 May 2023, it will be 20 years since Keld Marott had his first working day as internal auditor at JYSK. Today, as Chief Information Officer (CIO), he heads the company’s IT department with more than 250 employees.  

A tiny job ad in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. That was the start of Keld Marott's now 20-year career at JYSK.  

"I happened to flip through the newspaper when I was visiting my parents' house for a cup of coffee. My eyes caught a tiny ad for a job as an internal auditor in JYSK. I had previously worked with internal audit, so it sounded exciting, and I ended up being hired in 2003," says Keld Marott, who today holds the title of Chief Information Officer (CIO).  

After some time as internal auditor in Denmark, Keld Marott's responsibility expanded with international assignments as JYSK opened stores in more countries.  

In 2005, a restructuring was made, so that Keld Marott also became responsible for Helpdesk, which is a service function that ensures that technology works for employees in stores and offices. A few years later, Keld Marott was also given responsibility for the department responsible for the operation and development of the cash register systems in the stores.  

Keld Marott
From the old cash register standing in front of Keld Marott (and exhibited here in JYSK Museum), there is quite a big difference to today's mobile point of sale, which is being rolled out to all JYSK stores.

A growing IT department 

Since September 2020, Keld Marott, as CIO, has been responsible for the entire IT department in JYSK, which counts more than 250 employees and continues to grow.  

"When people think of JYSK, few people think that we are actually a relatively large IT company. People know us more from the campaign papers, the stores and in his time Lars Larsen. But all parts of the company today depend on IT, and IT is nothing without people, so my most important task is also to provide the right organisation to support the business," says Keld Marott.  

Although he has no IT background himself, Keld Marott feels at home in the IT department. In fact, he sees a clear advantage in his background.  

"The advantage is that I don't get deep into the technical details. Fortunately, there are many talented people in the department who are much better at this. My task is to set the right team and set the direction, and it is a great honour to have been given this responsibility at a company like JYSK, which is constantly evolving," says Keld Marott.  

Keld Marott 

  • Born 1973  

  • Grew up in Tilst near Aarhus, Denmark 

  • Lives in Ormslev near Aarhus, Denmark 

  • Married and has three children aged 10 to 18  

  • Free time is spent on fitness, nature, good wine, family and friends 

Same atmosphere in the office  

While a lot has changed in the 20 years Keld Marott has been at JYSK, some things have not changed. Fortunately, Keld Marott believes.  

"I remember that on my first day at work at the Head Office in Brabrand, I went around shaking hands and saying hello to all employees, including Lars Larsen. We have become too big for that today, but the short distance between employees and management remains. I very much experience that all employees use their right and duty to speak up, which is part of our values. And once the opinions are on the table, there is still a short distance from thought to decision," he says.  

According to Keld Marott, the atmosphere at the Head Office, which today houses more than 550 employees, is also very reminiscent of itself from 20 years ago. 

"I actually think it's the same atmosphere that has been carried on over the years. Kindness and helpfulness among all colleagues is something we are good at. This is also what former employees remember when I talk to them, and this continuously confirms to me that we still hold on to being good colleagues," says Keld Marott.  

New opportunities and challenges  

When Keld Marott looks into the crystal ball to predict the future, he sees himself at JYSK as far as the eye can see.  

"JYSK continues to develop, and I want to be a part of that. If you had asked me five years ago, I would probably have said that it couldn't get any wilder in JYSK. But the will to further develop the company is still there, and as long as it is present, it also opens up new opportunities and challenges for me," he says.  

It is also the continuous development of JYSK and his own tasks that has kept Keld Marott at the company for now 20 years.  

"JYSK is good at giving people who take responsibility new opportunities," he says.  

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