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Wider online assortment increases sales in stores


Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: E-Business , Product Assortment , Seamless Cross Channel

By combining the selection in our physical stores with an even wider assortment online, JYSK is fulfilling customer needs and securing increased sales.

Customers in store
If a customer in a JYSK store cannot find the exact right colour of a sofa or the perfect armchair for their home, the solution is often found in JYSK’s wider online assortment.

For the last couple of years, JYSK has focused on expanding the online assortment and many online products can be sold directly from the store. Heidi Vesterbæk is Store Manager in the JYSK store in Korsør in Denmark, and she is happy with the expanded assortment.

“If I cannot satisfy a customer with what we have in the store, I look at our online assortment. It is especially useful if the customers have specific wishes for the products, for example the size of a table or the colour on the sofa. It is a really good opportunity to fulfil the customers’ need and make an extra sale at the same time,” says Heidi.

Heidi Vesterbæk, Store Manager in the JYSK store in Korsør in Denmark, is happy with the expanded assortment online.

Combining online and offline

Not only in the store in Korsør has the online assortment become a natural extension to the products available in stores. Also in JYSK in Næstved, where Sanne Nielsen is Store Manager, the store employees have experience with selling online products.

“Often we have similar products displayed in the stores, and then we can show, for example, the type of materials or the colour to the customers, and then they can easily get a sense of the product even though it is online,” says Sanne.

In the store in Korsør, it has become part of the weekly routines to look at how the store can combine the selection in the store with the assortment online.

“At our campaign meetings on Fridays where we go through the new campaign paper for the week, we try to keep an eye for product series on sales where we have additional products online. In that way we can prepare ourselves,” explains Heidi Vesterbæk.

Unlimited square metres

Hjalte Steensen is Category Manager for online products and he is responsible for increasing the online assortment in JYSK. He is pleased to experience the sales of online products in JYSK’s physical stores.

“The stores play a very important role when it comes to online products because our colleagues in the stores can guide the customers to find the products they need, even if it is not available in the store,” says Hjalte and continues:

“We have an unlimited number of square metres available online which means that we can offer an even wider assortment while still being close to the customers with our physical stores.”

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