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Weekend trip at stake: The best Sales Attitude in JYSK will be decided

Date: 13/10/2020

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Awards

When November begins, so does the Sales Attitude Competition. The competition will run for three months and all JYSK stores over the world will compete about having the best numbers. The winner in each country will go on a weekend trip.

Confidence, winning attitude and twinkle in the eyes are some of the most important attributes for sales, and sales will now get even more attention in the stores. There is a weekend trip at stake for the winner in each country.

In November, December and January, the Sales Attitude Competition will give each JYSK store the chance to show that it has the best Sales Attitude in the whole world of JYSK. The focus will be on mattresses in November, duvets and pillows in December and furniture in January.

Sales Attitude
The logo for the competition, which all stores are encouraged to use in their communication.

“The last year we have had a lot of focus on new processes and new systems. Now we want more focus on sales again, and that is why we are launching this competition, which hopefully will motivate my colleagues in the stores to go that extra mile for the customer,” says Michael Bach Olesen, Retail Operational Director.

Stores in action

In the JYSK store in Herning, Denmark the employees have already started working on their sales attitude. A mirror with the four hashtags #confidence #twinkleintheeyes #customerfirst and #winningattitude is now present, and in a workshop, the employees talked about how they interpret the hashtags.

”For us #twinkleintheeyes is being bold and accommodating. If you want to win, you need good sales attitude. We remind each other every day by stirring up a good spirit at the kick off, and we challenge each other during the day by asking ‘how is your sales attitude right now’,” says Steffan Bjørkman Jensen, Store Manager.

Best performance wins

In every round, the stores will compete on three different numbers. One of them is sales index. The Country Management will communicate on the performance of the stores on an ongoing basis, so every store knows their position in the table. For every round, there will be one winner per region, and the Country Management will communicate the award for each country.

”The goal is to create a strong sales attitude in all stores and of course beat the index from the financial year 2019/20. For inspiration, we have launched the four hashtags, which we encourage the stores to use in their communication in internal Facebook groups, for instance,” says Michael.

The overall winner in each country after three rounds will get a weekend trip, while the Country Management team will take care of the store.

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