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Unified commerce: A year-long dream is close to reality


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Seamless Cross Channel

The customer journey has changed a lot since the launch of the first JYSK webshop in 2010. Unified Commerce is the answer from JYSK. Soon a lot of new functionalities will help our customers to an even more seamless experience.

Screenshot from the new IT system

In 2010, JYSK launched the first webshop in Denmark. At that time, online and stores were two different sales channels. Since then, JYSK has added webshops in all countries and a lot of functionality, and it has been clear that the two sales channels should be combined to meet customer needs.

That is why the Unified Commerce project was started, and now all the hard work will soon be visible. The roll out will start this spring with lots of advantages for employees and customers. The first country will be Denmark, then Finland and in a few years, all 28 JYSK countries will have all new functions.

“The customer expectations have changed a lot and will continue to change. That is why our focus has been on matching the customer needs for a seamless experience online, in stores and in our Customer Service Centres. It doesn’t matter if customers buy in stores or online as long as they shop at JYSK,” says Niels Veien, Executive Vice President Customer Experience, Digital & Business Development.

More advanced customers

A new IT platform and a new point of sale were needed for more flexibility. Unified Commerce will make it possible to inspire and inform, buy, change/cancel, fulfil orders and return/exchange anywhere and across all touchpoints and devices.

Furthermore, all functionality will also be available on smartphones in stores. This will make it possible to start an order in the mattress area and end it at the cashier or fulfil the complete order on the phone.

Our colleagues in stores will also be able to sell online only products and make changes to an online order. The new IT-system will also be much more reliable, when checking delivery times and when products out of stock will be available again. Just to mention a few advantages.

“The customer journey is complex with many touchpoints, and you can win and lose customers at all touchpoints in the journey. That was why we saw the importance of uniting all touchpoints and make them work even more together,” says Niels.

Highlights of new functionalities

  • All functions from the check-out will be available on smartphones. For instance, it will be possible to start an order on phone in the mattress area and complete it at the check-out or complete on the phone.
  • It will be possible to sell online only products as well as help customers make changes to an online order in the store.
  • Customers in stores will be able to choose the same delivery options as online customers. In general, there will be much more flexibility in handling orders, which will make it quicker for customers to pick up an order. Store stock can be used for OOPUS orders.
  • Much more reliable data to know when a product out of stock can be delivered again.
  • If a customer visits a store and would like to go home and think about buying a product, it will be possible to send an offer per mail. In the mail, the customer can log in and finish the order directly from home. The store will still get the sale.


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