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“See it - fix it” secures more attractive stores

Date: 22/10/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores

See it fix it

If you see something that does not look like it should, fix it right away. That is the pretty simple routine that has turned out to be a great success in stores.

Does a mattress look a bit messy after a customer try-out? Do you see a price tag lying on the floor? Or do the towel shelf need a quick clean-up for more order? Then fix it.

This new routine called “see it, fix it” may sound pretty simple, but has turned out to be a great success in JYSK stores around Europe.

Jordi Guardiola
Jordi Guardiola is Store Manager in La Nucía in Spain.

“The customer entering the store at any time of the day should find it attractive and “see it, fix it” has been fundamental in reaching this goal. By applying “see it, fix it”, we always make the store attractive to the customers in a more efficient way, which allows us to focus even more on the customer and increase sales,” says Jordi Guardiola, Store Manager in La Nucía in Spain.

Attractive and productive

The new routine was launched with a video in the last financial year and is a topic on every monthly meeting and in the daily planning. It should make the stores more attractive, but it is also more efficient if a store employee on the way from the cashier’s desk to the storage room, sees something and fixes it right away, instead of adding it to a list and coming back later.

“It is about doing something, when you are already doing other things. For us as Retail Manager or District Manager, this is also important to lead by example. If we see something when visiting a store, we do not just explain to the Store Manager to fix it, we also help them to do it,” says Héctor Torres, Retail Manager in JYSK Spain and Portugal.

However, it is also important for Héctor to underline that it is not in every situation that you should stop and fix something.

“It is of course a balance. When you are with a customer, the customer has first priority, and you cannot do other things, but if you go to the desk area for a task, you can do a few quick things on the way,” says Héctor.

Héctor Torres
Héctor Torres is Retail Manager in JYSK Spain and Portugal.

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