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Rollout of Unified Commerce speeds up


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Seamless Cross Channel , Technology

New PoS
The new point of sale is being tested before opening in Nørresundby, Denmark, on 11 May 2023.

The new point of sale comes with lots of new features. And now the rollout is speeding up.

“I really look forward to seeing it working. Have no doubt about that!”

Kasper Horne Rasmussen
Store Manager in JYSK Nørresundby, Kasper Horne Rasmussen.

Store Manager in JYSK Nørresundby, Denmark, Kasper Horne Rasmussen, has made an early start to the workday on Thursday 11 May. It is the day his store starts using the new point of sale as part of Unified Commerce, and his voice indicates both excitement and nervousness.

At 7 am, the test cases with the new system starts on the first cash register, where the system has been updating since the evening before. The guide is closely followed and all test cases are successful. An order for delivery, a direct sale with cash and printing of a price sign.

“It is running perfectly,” says Kasper in relief.

After the successful update of the first cash register, the two other cash registers in the store are also set to convert to the new system. The update takes around 90 minutes, which makes it possible to make the switch before the store’s opening time at 9.30.


  • All functions from the check-out will be available on smartphones. For instance, it will be possible to start an order on phone in the mattress area and complete it at the check-out or complete on the phone.
  • It will be possible to sell online only products as well as help customers make changes to an online order in the store.
  • Customers in stores will be able to choose the same delivery options as online customers. In general, there will be much more flexibility in handling orders, which will make it quicker for customers to pick up an order. Store stock can be used for OOPUS orders.
  • Much more reliable data to know when a product out of stock can be delivered again.

First district completed

The conversion in Nørresundby happens on the same day as the store in Hjørring, Denmark, and the week after the complete district of North Jutland is running on the new system.

“With a complete district in Denmark and Türkiye running on the new point of sale, we are speeding up the rollout. We will have most Danish stores on Unified Commerce before the summer holidays and we will be completely done in Denmark in the first week of September,” says Karsten Ellehauge Haag, Project Manager working with the rollout of Unified Commerce.

After Denmark and Türkiye, the rollout will be scaled to more JYSK countries. Portugal, Spain, and France are the next countries in line.

To start the preparations for this, colleagues from a number of former Dänisches Bettenlager countries met up on Thursday 11 May in the JYSK store in Vejle, Denmark, for the first introduction to the new system.

“We are already preparing the next countries, so hopefully soon all stores in JYSK can enjoy the benefits of the new system,” says Karsten.

New PoS
Kasper (to the left) and Retail Store Supporter Allan Thomsen.

Excitement about new system

“I am really a fan of this!”

Just half an hour after the opening, the first colleague approaches Store Manager Kasper Horne Rasmussen with excitement about the new system. Here the first customer transactions have been completed successfully.

“I have been in JYSK long enough to also experience the previous switch in point of sale, and I know that this update is a lot better, but you are of course worried about issues in the beginning. I really see the benefits in being able to see pictures of the products in the system, converting OOPUS orders to Click & Collect, and parking receipts,” says Kasper.

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