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3,000 Store Managers are main heroes in new campaign

Date: 20/04/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR

Based on an international survey among all current Store Managers in JYSK, a new Employer Branding campaign will attract the future Store Managers for new stores.


What are your hobbies? Are you result-driven? How many years of education do you have?

In the fall of 2020, all Store Managers in JYSK were invited to participate in a survey, where they were asked about hobbies, interests, characteristics and so on. The results of the survey will now be used for the biggest Employer Branding campaign so far in JYSK. The goal is to find the additional Store Managers JYSK needs to reach the goal of 5,000 stores worldwide.

Braulio da Rocha
Braulio da Rocha is District Manager Trainee in Portugal.

Braulio da Rocha is former Store Manager in Spain and now District Manager Trainee in Portugal. He feels proud of being part of a still growing company.

“I started to work for JYSK almost 5 years ago, and I was here, when we passed 2,500 stores, which was incredible. For me as a Store Manager, it was amazing to be part of the 3,000 stores milestone, too. We see a lot of companies that do not reach their goal, but JYSK does. Nowadays, we are one of the biggest companies in retail,” says Braulio.

1860 Store Managers participated

90 % of Store Managers like keeping fit and playing sports.

86 % of Store Managers are interested in cooking.

93 % of Store Managers are interested in home and decoration.

These are just a few of the results from the survey, where 1860 Store Managers participated. One of them is Jesse Koivula, Store Manager in Kangasala, Finland.

Jesse Koivula
Jesse Koivula is Store Manager in Kangasala, Finland.

“It was fun and fast to do the survey. It is nice to know that we will use the results for our campaign, because the job as Store Manager is not easy,” says Jesse.

Test based on survey results

As a part of the campaign, people can take a test to see if they are suitable candidates for a position as Store Manager in JYSK. The test answers should to some extent match the results from the survey among the 3,000 Store Managers in JYSK.

At JYSK, we say that a Store Manager can make or break the store. That is why our existing 3,000 Store Managers are the main heroes in this campaign. It is amazing to see that although they are so different, most of them share the same characteristics and hobbies,” says Kateryna Babenko, HR Director at JYSK.

The campaign will run both internally and externally in medias such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with advertisements, a test and videos. It is all connected with the slogan “Want to join our 3,000 Store Managers?”.

The campaign will run on different dates in the 28 JYSK countries between 21 April and 13 June 2021.

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Bassel Ghazal Happy to join this group, to mingle with diversity of store managers & learn about different experiences besides to sharing ideas, & positive vibes

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