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Work environment at the top of the agenda

Date: 25/06/2021

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Careers & HR

Dare to Care
Store Manager Lisa Johannesson (left) in consultation with store colleague Elin Andersson.

Work environment is top of the agenda in JYSK. This is also illustrated with the "Dare to Care" campaign that runs from 14-25 June 2021.

She has worked for JYSK in more than 20 years.

And in recent years, Store Manager Lisa Johannesson has clearly noticed that JYSK has raised the bar regarding the systematic work environment focus.

When JYSK now launches the Dare to Care campaign, it happens a few years after the work environment issue was placed at the top of the agenda for JYSK in Sweden.

One who has clearly noticed the change in attitude is Lisa Johannesson, the Store Manager at one of JYSK's stores in Helsingborg.

“It is completely different today, compared with just a few years ago,” she says and continues:

“It used to be a problem in the store that we did not know how to handle large packages, loaded beds by hand and did not have many aiding tools. This has really changed very fast.”

Straight answers

Dare to CareOne and a half year ago, JYSK also hired a work environment specialist. Her task is to help the stores with difficult situations, and make sure that JYSK lives up to the legal requirements.

That role has been particularly prominent in the past year, not least in light of the pandemic.

“It is useful to have a colleague to turn to, to discuss different situations. Nowadays you get clear answers and questions are no longer left hanging in the air as they could before. The management has been really supportive.”

Hard work

Lisa Johannesson describes that the culture within JYSK is open to remarks and that the managers are sensitive to the problems that are raised from the stores.

What do you think about JYSK investing so much in improving the work environment?

“I think it's good. Not least because we have such tough and hard work. It shows that JYSK cares about the staff, that you take things in stride and do not try to hide that we can actually have a heavy job from time to time.”

“In the past, I often wondered how long my body would last, but now I feel that I could probably stay until retirement. But now that we have aiding tools, then it is important to remember to use them.”

Culture is crucial

JYSK Sweden's HR Manager, Jesper Trapp, is pleased that the efforts are noticeable, as work environment is crucial if the employees are to thrive.

“We do everything we can to make JYSK an attractive place to work and put safety, efficiency and job satisfaction at the center of everything we do,” he says.

Also Kenneth Pedersen, Head of Retail Sweden, notices the improvement in almost every store visit he makes.

“But we must always remember that this work does not come by itself. Admittedly, we have the structure, a systematic work environment work and experts who know their stuff, but culture is at least as important. Within JYSK, we have the right and duty to speak up, and all JYSK employees need to use this right, also when it comes to safety,” says Kenneth.

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