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One Day in JYSK (July 2020)

One day in JYSK: Four colleagues share their workday (July 2020)

Date: 20/07/2020

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

Category: People

With more than 24,000 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked four JYSK colleagues to share photos from their workday on

Below you will meet:

  • Sandrine Rinckel, Store Manager in France 
  • Christina Liakati, Development & Facility Coordinator in Greece
  • Rüdiger Mietz, Head of Warehouse & Logistics at Distribution Centre Kammlach in Germany
  • Aino Tähtitanner, Customer Service Supporter in Finland


Sandrine, Store Manager in France 

Name: Sandrine Rinckel
Job: Store Manager 

One Day in JYSK

As we are now handling a new situation, the day is always beginning the same way: Counting the safe.

One Day in JYSK

Because we always care about Customer First, we are organising an amazing outdoor before opening the store.     

One Day in JYSK

On Mondays, we have to update our prices, so they are in line with our new weekly campaign.

One Day in JYSK

For sure, we have a lot of different tasks to do every day, but selling and advising our customers is really what we love and prefer to do!

Christina, Development Coordinator in Greece

Name: Christina Liakati
Job: Development & Facility Coordinator

One Day in JYSK

My name is Christina, and I am Development and Facility Coordinator at JYSK in Greece. The job is located in our Head Office in Athens. However, part of my job description requires travelling within Greece as well. 

One Day in JYSK

My daily program starts with managing and resolving "tickets" related to the Facility Support Group. In cooperation with District Managers and Store Managers, I am used to visiting the stores to supervise technical and functional issues in order to ensure that JYSK standards are followed.

One Day in JYSK

I also participate with our Development Manager in planning new stores regarding JYSK standards. These tasks include customer analyses, analyses of purchasing flow, identification of locations, contact to building administrators and lease negotiations.

One Day in JYSK

These days, part of my daily program is supervising the renovation in the Head Office extension. 

Rüdiger, Warehouse & Logistics in Germany 

Name: Rüdiger Mietz 
Job: Head of Warehouse & Logistics DC Kammlach

One Day in JYSK

My day begins with an overview of the KPI's, such as new orders, packing services from the previous day, overview of warehouse performance and updating of the utilisation forecast in MYJYSKdocs. I also check emails and prepare the morning meeting with my team leaders. 

One Day in JYSK

In the morning, I meet with the Operations Manager to check the general situation in terms of workload, work processes, occupational safety, as well as tidiness. After that, I join the meeting with the manager of our shipping partner, E3.

One Day in JYSK

A video conference with the colleagues from the DC's in Zarrentin, Homberg and Valencia takes place regularly at 11 a.m. Here, we exchange status reports, discuss projects and coordinate common processes and goals. 

One Day in JYSK

In the afternoon, I have other meetings with various team leaders and control processes. The nice thing is that no day goes like the other. The variety and the dynamics are what makes this job so special. Exactly the right one for me!

Aino, Customer Service Centre in Finland 

Name: Aino Tähtitanner
Job: Customer Service Supporter 

One Day in JYSK

My tasks are mainly incoming phone calls, handling the emails and going through the product feedback we receive from customers. But, before my day in Customer Service can really begin, I need a cup of coffee. 

One Day in JYSK

First, I check MYJYSK for any important messages concerning my tasks or my colleagues’ tasks. After that, I read all the received emails and review my Daily Plan with my manager. I am also in contact with our store staff on a daily basis. We get important help from them to reach our common goal of giving Finland's best customer service.

One Day in JYSK

I like tasks, where I can use my understanding of our products. This comes in handy when customers have issues with products that we no longer sell. This is why I have saved our old campaign papers for a couple of years. They have helped me in many cases.

One Day in JYSK

For me, it is very important that I feel good when coming to work. You never know what kind of cases you will face during the day. What I do know, however, is that my colleagues are always there to help. That makes me comfortable and sure that we will manage all the challenges that we meet.

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