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One day in JYSK: Four colleagues share their workday (August 2019)

Date: 16/08/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Careers & HR , People

With more than 23,000 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked four JYSK colleagues to share photos from their workday on

Below you will meet:

  • My Ohlander from JYSK Ängelholm in Sweden
  • Anna Lozko from Customer Service Centre in JYSK Ukraine
  • Emil Krakowski from Distribution Centre Radomsko in Poland
  • Patricia Ciolac from JYSK Romania’s Head Office

My from JYSK Ängelholm in Sweden

Name: My Ohlander
Job: Deputy Store Manager in JYSK Ängelholm in Sweden


My workday often starts with an update in front of the computer. I check the latest news, information and tasks on MYJYSK.  


The next thing I do is to have a morning meeting with the team where we go through the daily planning and I give them a pep talk.  


I think it is important to take part in all tasks in the store, and it gives a great variety during the workday to do different tasks.


I love to sell and exceed the expectation of the customers. Customer focus is really important to me and my team. 

Anna from Customer Service Centre in JYSK Ukraine

Name: Anna Lozko
Job: Customer Service Manager













I am responsible for customer support and our online sales in JYSK Ukraine. Moreover, I manage a great team with six people who help me provide the best customer service and achieve our goals.













I start every morning with our Customer Service Team Leader, Alina. We follow up on the team’s results from the day before and create a new plan for the day. We prioritise the main KPIs, which we have to focus on and try to find specific actions, which can help us to reach the goal and be better day to day. Then we have a team meeting and discuss the things.


On a daily basis, I spend some time handling customer calls, e-mails and requests from social media. It helps me to understand the main customer needs and issues with creating online orders, delivery, service in the store or something else. My task as Customer Service Manager is to fix these issues and make the interaction between JYSK and our customers easier.


Furthermore, to achieve the main goals, I have to motivate my team. To do this, it is very important to understand the motivational factors of each team member. All of us are very ambitious and we like to achieve goals together. When we do, we like to celebrate and have fun. 
Every day in Customer Service is different and I like it. It helps me to become more competent and experienced and provide high quality service for our customers.

Emil from Distribution Centre Radomsko in JYSK Poland

Name: Emil Krakowski
Job: Team Leader, Picking in Distribution Centre Radomsko in Poland


Every day is different but a standard workday starts with a short meeting with the Team Leader from the previous shift. We use these meetings for updates and information about tasks and priorities for the day.


Then, I meet with the team before starting the shift. I give information about the priorities for the current day, the number of orders, the number of goods to pack, organisational matters and health and safety issues.













During the day, I walk around in the warehouse to check the order, work environment and workplace safety. An important part of my day is the conversation with employees and supporting them.
At the end of the workday, I meet with the team and thank them for good work, give feedback about the implementation of the plan, provide comments and information summarising the day.


My last responsibility of the workday is to hand over my duties to the next Team Leader.

Patricia from JYSK Romania’s Head Office

Name: Patricia Ciolac
Job: Accountant













In the morning, I am responsible for recording transactions from the bank statements. It is important to have current information statement in real time, which can be accessed anytime if needed.













Other daily activities include verifying non-automated goods invoices and their registration. We also discuss with the company's main suppliers when we have delivery differences.













Archiving documents is another daily activity. It is necessary to carry it out continuously, otherwise the documents would quickly become out of order.













There are customers who pay the goods directly to our bank account. In order to take the goods from the store, the customers must pay the invoices first. Therefore, daily communication with my Retail colleagues is really important for the business. Also, I am there to offer them the support they need regarding the goods receipt.

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