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JYSK expands Homeware category in several countries


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Product Assortment , Sales Growth

New homeware
So does the new Homeware area look like in the JYSK store in Viborg, Denmark. The rear third floor span is new. Before, it was only two Homeware floor spans.

Sales in the Homeware category including vases, kitchen accessories and artificial plants have continuously grown over the past six years, and for this reason six countries have added even more Homeware products to stores.

Floor span
The extra floor span is being built.

The JYSK stores in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe have previously had a larger Homeware range than the Scandinavian countries, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, and United Kingdom. This has now changed when the transition to indoor was carried out.

Sales of Homeware have been increasing for a number of years, and therefore the decision was taken that Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Ireland and Belgium should increase the amount of Homeware products in stores.

"We have witnessed a fantastic development in Homeware over the past six years and continuously added new articles, most recently kitchen accessories. We want to meet this demand, which is why we sat down about a year ago to look at how we could achieve this," says Katrine Kruuse, Purchasing Director for Homeware, Home Textiles and Window Dressing.

Greater choice in 549 stores

Retail Concept Manager Henrik Fisker (number four from right).

In order to make room for more Homeware, space had to be found for a 9.5-metre floor span in 549 stores. Not an easy task when the space in the stores is already used optimally.

"We had to look into the other categories to make a cost-benefit analysis, and the result was that we have scaled down the amount of products in the Window Dressing and Home Textiles categories," says Katrine.

The actual rearrangement in the stores was executed by Retail in collaboration with Retail Development. Approximately 80% of the stores could rearrange themselves, but in Belgium and Ireland all stores had to be restructured, which on average took 1.5-2 days with E-Teams and brand-new store layouts.

"It has without a doubt been the biggest project of my time at JYSK. All Store Concept Managers have had to go through every single store layout, make rearrangements and instruct Retail and stores. It has taken many hours, but all the good preparation has resulted in a smooth execution," says Henrik Fisker, Retail Concept Manager.

Additional sales

Katrine Kruuse is convinced that this change will help to win customers and create even more sales in the stores.

"The Homeware category greatly helps to ensure additional sales. Here, we can really show that we are on board with the latest trend and we can inspire our customers how to renew their homes easily for only a small amount of money," says Katrine.


The United Kingdom and the Netherlands continue to have a smaller Homeware range, as it was deemed not to be the optimal solution at this time. 

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