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JYSK Austria delivers outstanding results first month after the rebrand

Date: 19/11/2020

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Sales Growth

Martin Germann
On 1 October 2020, Store Manager Martin Germann (to the left) welcomed the first customer to his JYSK store in Zell am See.

The rebranding of JYSK Austria is a huge success. Sales has so far increased by 50 percent, the new products have been well received by customers, and JYSK´s brand knowledge has increased significantly in just one month.

Will it all really go well? Store Manager Martin Germann in Zell am See, Austria asked himself that question many times before the name change from DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER to JYSK on 1 October 2020.

It was a huge operation that demanded huge preparation from all. Stores in Austria, the Country Head Office in Austria, Regional Head Office in Handewitt, many different departments in the Head Office in Denmark as well as different communications and marketing partners were involved. But it all went well.

Most importantly, sale has so far increased by 50 percent. Furthermore, the new product range is also very well received by both regular and new customers.

“I have the impression that when a customer stands in front of a shelf the products seem of higher quality, and that make them more willing to buy. The product range is reduced a bit, but the customers think that it makes it easier to decide,” says Martin Germann.

Zell am See
The store in Zell am See from the outside.

Great reception from customers

Financial Manager in JYSK Austria Volker Ortlechner also notices a significant increase in customers and the fact that customers are positively surprised by the trendy, Scandinavian product range with furniture for indoor and outdoor as well as home accessories for every room.

“We have really heard the sentence ‚Wow, your products are really pretty’ a lot from new customers,” says Volker.

The success of the rebranding campaign can also be seen in the awareness tracker that the market research institute YouGov creates every month for JYSK. The first results from September ahead of the campaign showed that 89 percent of Austrians had never heard of JYSK. On 10 October, 53 percent of Austrians knew the name.

”It is fantastic results thanks to an outstanding team performance. So many people have been involved and all store staff in Austria have been so positive and filled with enthusiasm about all the new things. That has definitely had a great impact on customers,” says Volker.

Tuesday 17 November, the stores in Austria were temporarily forced closed due to the coronavirus.

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