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Global customer service system secures great service and internal optimisation

Date: 07/02/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications Coordinator

Category: Customer Service

Investments in a global customer service system puts JYSK in front row when it comes to great customer service.

Tanja Ammentorp
Tanja Ammentorp, Customer Service Director.

The trends and technical opportunities within communication are in continuous development. This sets certain demands for JYSK and the way JYSK communicates with customers.

“We work within JYSK’s Customer First Strategy. It is therefore important that we adapt and meet customers where they are,” says Tanja Ammentorp, Customer Service Director.

Therefore, JYSK has invested in a global customer service system, which now is implemented in all countries. The purpose of the global system is that all customer inquiries within all JYSK Nordic countries are handled in one system. Whether a customer calls, sends an e-mail or a chat message, the inquiry is handled by the same principles across all countries.

Internal optimisation

In the system, all inquiries are divided into categories, which are the same for all countries. In that way, the system provides an overview of what types of inquiries JYSK receives and which communication channels they come from. This provides better opportunities to learn from potential mistakes and optimise internal processes.

“If we experience an increase in inquiries within a specific category, we can communicate this internally and make changes if necessary. Basically, it is a gift every time a customer contacts us because it provides new insights,” says Tanja.

Customer service
In the system, all customer inquiries are handled across all JYSK Nordic countries.

New ways to communicate

As part of the continuous development of customer service, Tanja has recently participated in a large conference in San Francisco to find inspiration and knowledge about the latest trends. At the conference, JYSK also held a presentation about the implementation of the global customer service system.

JYSK is currently introducing a chat function in all countries. In the future, JYSK looks forward to introducing even more ways to communicate with customers.

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