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Fouzi carries on the Scandinavian leadership style

Date: 13/03/2019

Author: Sandra Martinsson, PR & Communications Manager, JYSK Sverige

Category: Careers & HR , People

Fouzi Albaroudi, distriktschef hos JYSK Sveirge
Fouzi Albaroudi  has just started his new position as District Manager for Stockholm North in Sweden.  

Fouzi Albaroudi wanted to study the Scandinavian leadership style in real life in connection with his studies in Global Management. He applied for a temporary position at JYSK and eight years later, he is still a part of the company. Now as one of the leaders, carrying on the tradition of the Scandinavian leadership style.

Fouzi Al Baroudi has a background that differs from many others. He grew up in Syria and studied Chemistry at the University. Eleven years ago, he moved to Sweden and he and his friend started a company together.

“In Syria and in many other countries, there is a completely different leadership culture in comparison to the one in Sweden. In many other countries, the boss makes all decisions without discussion. It is different here," says Fouzi.

Different perspectives on leadership

When Fouzi's friend moved abroad a couple of years later, Fouzi decided to move to Liverpool, England to study Global Management. At the same time, he was adviced to look for employment in a Global Scandinavian company to get a better understanding of Global Management before he started his studies. He applied for a job and JYSK.

FOUZI ALbaroudi

Career in JYSK:

  • Store Manager Trainee
  • Store Manager
  • District Manager Trainee
  • Current position: District Manager, Stockholm North, JYSK Sweden

What do you think is special about JYSK?

“JYSK believes in me. When I applied for the job, I noticed that they focused on my personal characteristics and not on the fact that my knowledge in the Swedish language was lacking. JYSK helps achieve my ambitions and continuously develop and reach my full potential. My primary goal is to work with the employees in my new district and help them develop.”

What is the greatest success of your career?

”It is hard to point out a certain event. I see this whole journey as a success. But I am also sure that the biggest success is in my future.”

“We put a lot of work into being a leader, whilst in other countries they use more of an authoritative style of leadership, in my experience. With JYSK there is a big respect for each employee and an understanding of people's differences and how best to handle them,” he says and continues.

“Since I have experience with both, I can use that experience to adapt to different situations.”

Continued the education long distance

After Fouzi joined JYSK eight years ago, things have moved at a rapid speed. Fouzi changed his studies to a long distance programme so that he could continue his new career in JYSK. Today, he is District Manager in JYSK Sweden.

“In Scandinavia, we have a leadership style that focuses on giving the employee confidence in making decisions and managing daily challenges. This is a good thing. It forms loyalty and the employee knows that we believe in them," says Fouzi.


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Fouzi Albaroudi, District Manager at JYSK Sweden.

Fouzi carries on the Scandinavian leadership style

13/03/2019 - Fouzi Albaroudi wanted to study the Scandinavian leadership style in real life and applied for a temporary position at JYSK. Eight years later, he is still part of the JYSK team.

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