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Customer Service Centres help with store calls

Date: 08/11/2019

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

Category: Customer Service

To give employees more time for customers in the store, more calls for the stores are being handled by Customer Service Centres.

Dick Weimer, Store Manager Bernstorp
Dick Weimer, Store Manager Bernstorp, Sweden

In order to give customers the best possible service – and to make sure that store employees have time for customers in the actual store – JYSK’s centralised Customer Service Centres (CSC) are increasingly handling store calls from customers.

The time we save for our colleagues in the stores makes them better able to do what they are best at – selling products.
- Marina Ivić, Customer Service Manager

One of the Store Managers, who is happy with this setup, is Dick Weimer from Sweden. In his JYSK store in Bernstorp close to Malmö, he has experienced first-hand what the assistance from CSC in Sweden means.

“It frees up lots of time. Before, when we answered the phone directly in the store, it could be ringing non-stop and when you answered, the customer simply wanted to know the opening hours,” says Dick.

Instead, Dick and his team can now focus more on helping customers in the store.

“Of course, we still want to help our customers with our opening hours, but we also have a responsibility for the customers in the store. It quickly became difficult to prioritise what to do in such situations, because no matter what you did, none of the customers would get the best service – now they do,” says Dick.


Marina Ivić, Customer Service Manager West Balkan
Marina Ivić, Customer Service Manager West Balkan

Having our CSC’s taking store calls means that they are coordinating with their colleagues in the stores on a daily basis

Customer Service Manager for JYSK West Balkan, Marina Ivić, and her team enjoy working closely with the stores, because they can see how much it helps both the customers and the stores.

“I think it is great that we can help unburden our colleagues in the stores, so they have more time for each customer. The customers that call us can get a quick and precise response, because we have more tools available to help us find a lost product, inform about opening hours or allocate articles to a new address,” says Marina and adds:

“The time we save for our colleagues in the stores makes them better able to do what they are best at – selling products.”

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