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51 Ukrainian colleagues have found a new home


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR

Svetlana Yarosh (left) has found a new job in JYSK Poland.

Since the war in Ukraine started, JYSK’s main priority has been to help the Ukrainian colleagues. All 51 colleagues that have needed help now work in or from another JYSK country.

When Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022, a lot of our Ukrainian colleagues had to leave their homes. Some fled to other parts of Ukraine, and some fled to countries in the rest of Europe. JYSK has been trying to help every single colleague affected to find a new home and a new job. The status in the beginning of November 2022 is as follows:

  • 51 colleagues work in or from a new country

  • 40 colleagues have returned to Ukraine after initially fleeing have had the chance to ask a few questions to three of the Ukrainian colleagues, who now work in or from a new JYSK country about their situation.

Svetlana Kamensckaya

Svetlana Kamensckaya is now Sales Assistant in Germany.

What was your job at JYSK before 24 February 2022, and what is it now?

Circle"Before I worked as a Store Manager in the store J054 in Cherkasy. Together with my ambitious team, we were preparing for the start of outdoor season. We set the goal of getting a high rating in "Attractive Store". But 24 February disrupted all plans, changing the life of every Ukrainian, including mine.

Now I work as a Sales Assistant in the store F962, which is in the small town of Pfungstadt in Germany."

How has your new job situation been made possible?

Circle"All thanks to JYSK and the company’s values. In such a difficult moment for Ukraine, our colleagues from other countries opened their doors to all JYSK Ukraine employees without requiring knowledge of the country's language. This is really great support, thank you! The company's values ​​work. And by our example - those who came to work abroad, we can say that "Colleague" (one of JYSK’s values) is not just a word on a poster."

How do you like working in Germany?

Circle"I really like working in a new country. I have been working at JYSK since 4 October 2016. In five years, I have built a career from Sales Assistant to Store Manager, which is why I have no difficulties with routine tasks and goals. In store F962, where I currently work, Store Manager Tatjana Schnell and her Deputy Store Manager Elena Distler speak Russian, so it is easy for us to communicate. From the first day of work, I understood that I am in the right place and at the right time."

Svetlana Kytsun

Svetlana Kytsun from her new home in Prague.

What was your job in JYSK before 24 February 2022 and what is it now?

Circle"Until 24 February, I worked as an Accountant at JYSK Ukraine. Currently, I am living in Czech Republic and continue to work as an Accountant, but for two countries: JYSK Ukraine and JYSK Czech Republic.

I am glad to be able to continue to work for JYSK Ukraine and do the same work for JYSK Czech Republic. The work in the Shared Finance Centre is similar, but the solutions are different. There is a greater level of automation, and this covers my professional interest in learning new solutions."

How has your new job situation been made possible?

Circle"Like many others, I did not plan to move. It was a journey into the unknown. Quick negotiations and actions of the management teams in Ukraine and Czech Republic gave me certainty and support. I was assured that in a new country people knew about my arrival and that they would meet me and provide me with accommodation and work.

For this meeting and the created conditions, I would like to say special thanks to the Financial Manager of JYSK Czech Republic, Daniel Jakimič, and the whole team, including Teamleader Helpdesk JYSK Czech Republic, Petra Endlová, who provided great support so necessary for anyone in the new country. Of course, I was happy to realise that I am working in a big international company and this added inner comfort and warm feelings to me and my family at that difficult time."

How is it to work in a new JYSK country?

Circle"It was difficult, but I was lucky with the JYSK Czech Republic team. Wonderful people work here. They help to cope with difficulties not only at work, but also in adapting to everyday life in a new country. Therefore, working in the same team with such colleagues is a great pleasure."

What do you do to overcome challenges in your new job situation?

Circle"I try to think positively, we believe in Ukraine and our quick victory. I studied the Czech language on my own, then I passed the competition and entered state courses. I hope that soon, with their help, I will be able not only to understand more about my work, but also to express my gratitude to the country that hosted me and the people who accepted me, saying to them more than just “Děkuji moc!” (which means “Thank you very much”). I know that one day I will return home and bring with me new knowledge, experience and memories of the time spent here."

Svetlana Yarosh

Svetlana Yarosh
Svetlana Yarosh in her store in JYSK Poland.

What was your job in JYSK before 24 February 2022 and what is it now?

Circle"Before 24 February, I was a District Manager in JYSK Ukraine. Now, I am a Sales Assistant in Poland. It was a great experience for a manager with six years’ experience to execute tasks and take best practice from Sales Assistant position and be so close to routines. This gives me a great experience to bring for my Ukrainian team as well.

Meanwhile in Ukraine things started to change. We got all routines back, trainings, development programmes, meetings. The more the processes stabilised in Ukraine, the less I was Sales Assistant in Poland and the more District Manager tasks I was executing from a distance. Even though I work on the distance, my district shows one of the best country results. Starting from August, I plan my visits to Ukraine to meet colleagues and plan store visits."

How has your new job situation been made possible?

Circle"When the war started, I was forced to leave my country and I was lucky to get to Poland. You have no idea how thankful I am to JYSK for all the support that I got. 

I want to thank Country Manager of Poland, Piotr Padalak, for the really warm welcome and the possibility to work in JYSK Poland. I want to thank Store Manager Agnieszka Marek for her support and guidance. These are truly people with big hearts."

How is it to work in a new JYSK country?

Circle"JYSK Ukraine and JYSK Poland have very similar processes, so it was easy to get started and work effectively. I am lucky to witness best practice from colleagues, it is priceless."

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