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Winter Feelings at the Danish Embassy in Romania

Winter Feelings at the Embassy of Denmark in Romania

14/11/2019 - In the middle of November, JYSK Romania invited ofer 100 journalists, bloggers and company partners to discover the winter sensations at the launch of our new Christmas collection during the “Winter Feelings” event.

Best of #GOJYSK October

Best of #GOJYSK October 2019

11/11/2019 - Check out some of the best Instagram posts for the latest month.

Customer Service Centres help with store calls

Customer Service Centres help with store calls

08/11/2019 - To give employees more time for customers in the store, more calls for the stores are being handled by Customer Service Centres.


#JYSKvlog won a prestigious employer branding award

06/11/2019 - JYSK Poland won a first prize for #JYSKvlog in a prestigious employer branding contest.

Rene Hartung

”It is my job to put B2B on the map”

04/11/2019 - As part of the new strategy, Business-to-Business (B2B) needs to be more included and on the long-term make up a bigger part of the business in JYSK. Increased visibility online and more focus on sales for the business community in the stores are part of the formula for success.

New stores

New JYSK stores November 2019

01/11/2019 - Every month many new JYSK stores open the doors to customers around the world. Here you can get an overview of where and when JYSK stores will open this month.


JYSK will always be family owned

28/10/2019 - On 21 June, Jacob Brunsborg took over the position as Chairman of Lars Larsen Group. He looks forward to continue to run JYSK and the rest of Lars Larsen Group as strong family owned companies

Mikael Nielsen, EVP Reatil, Mika , Store Manager JYSK Mobilia and Johan Sjödin, Country Manager JYSK Sweden.

VIDEO: 28 years of development in Sweden

25/10/2019 - JYSK Sweden was the seventh country on the JYSK map. Come with on a walk down memory lane.

A Danish choir surprises customers in a JYSK store

VIDEO: A Danish choir surprises customers in a JYSK store

23/10/2019 - A Danish gospel choir gave a surprise concert in one of the JYSK stores in Bucharest. The singers admit that this was the most unusual place they sang.