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Sales of artificial plants booms in Danish store

04/02/2022 - JYSK in Fredericia, Denmark has had great success selling artificial plants by following a new sales concept. visited the store to understand the success.

JYSK map

New JYSK stores February 2022

01/02/2022 - Every month many new JYSK stores open the doors to customers around the world. Here you can get an overview of where and when JYSK stores will open this month.

JYSK Awards

JYSK Finland won “Best Responsible Employer” for JYSK Awards

31/01/2022 - In several countries, JYSK Awards is a yearly celebration where colleagues are being honoured for their dedicated work. In JYSK Finland, the Awards also got recognition outside JYSK, as it secured them the first place in a “Responsible Employer” campaign.

JYSK Esbjerg

Two million DKK from JYSK Esbjerg to Danmarks Indsamling

30/01/2022 - Colleagues in JYSK in Esbjerg, Denmark made their debut on national television on Saturday evening, when donating two million DKK on behalf of JYSK.

Jaroslaw Sobczyk

Jaroslaw’s career journey: From Poland to Bulgaria and on to Ecser

25/01/2022 - The new Logistics Manager for JYSK’s distribution centre in Ecser, Hungary, has brought dedication and met possibilities in his time in JYSK.

Jesper Lund

Lars Larsen Group significantly increases earnings

21/01/2022 - Lars Larsen Group – which owns JYSK and a number of other companies – increased earnings by more than 50 percent in the most recent financial year.

ESS 2022

ESS 2022: Use your right and duty to speak up

18/01/2022 - Every two years, JYSK asks all employees about their job satisfaction in the Employee Satisfaction Survey, also just called ESS for short. In January 2022, the time has come again.

HR Award, Ukraine

Around the world: Books of dreams, World Cup in floorball and HR Awards

14/01/2022 - Every now and then, we roundup recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check out the latest here.

Dirk Laurisch’s top commenter feels the international connection

11/01/2022 - 42-year-old Dirk Laurisch from the JYSK store in Berlin-Friedrichshain, Germany, brings team spirit to the comment section at He sees a lot of positive effects of One JYSK.