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Bring Dedication campaign results

“Bring Dedication” reached more than 53 million people

29/09/2022 - The campaign Bring Dedication reached more than 53 million people and gained over 25,000 registers on the campaign page.

Three German colleagues

JYSK Germany: 1 year after the Rebranding

27/09/2022 - One year ago, DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER was rebranded as JYSK in Germany. met with three German colleagues to hear how they have experienced the change.

JYSK employee

From intern to Category Buyer in 2.5 years

26/09/2022 - Anders Sigvardsen, who has spent the last couple of years climbing the career ladder in JYSK, tells about the possibilities of starting as an intern at JYSK Head Office.


First 100 days in charge of logistics

23/09/2022 - The first 100 days as Executive Vice President Logistics has made Ole Thomsen confident about the future.

Three Store Managers favourite products

Three Store Managers’ favourite new products

20/09/2022 - Three Store Managers show their favourite products from the new Indoor assortment.

Jan Bøgh

Turnover sets new record in JYSK

15/09/2022 - With a growth of 11 percent, the total turnover for the financial year 2021/22 sets a new record in JYSK.

Spain 100 stores

Spain joins the club of 100 stores

09/09/2022 - Spain is JYSK country number nine to reach 100 stores. The milestone was celebrated on 31 August 2022.

JYSK in my home

JYSK in my home

06/09/2022 - Get inspired by how your colleagues use JYSK outdoor furniture to fit their summer needs.

JYSK map

New JYSK stores September 2022

01/09/2022 - JYSK keeps expanding with new stores every month. Read here to see where and when we will open this month.