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JYSK’s focus on Best Employer awards is paying off

31/05/2021 - Being named Best Employer is an important recognition for JYSK, because it makes existing employees proud and attracts our future talents and performers. In recent years, JYSK has won several awards for being a great employer.

Sales Attitude

Weekend trip at stake: The best Sales Attitude in JYSK will be decided

25/05/2021 - When June begins, so does the Sales Attitude Competition. The competition will run for three months and all JYSK stores over the world will compete about having the best numbers. The winner store in each country will go on a weekend trip.


A true Roman with JYSK values

24/05/2021 - Now is the perfect time to join JYSK Italy for people looking for a great career in an ambitious company.

Greece garden event

Scandinavian air from JYSK refreshed Athens

21/05/2021 - The 67th Kifissia Flower Exhibition was the first large event in Athens allowed after lockdown. JYSK participated to bring a refreshing Scandinavian air to Greece’s capital.

JYSK Strategy Kickoff 2021

CEO at strategy kickoff: “Store Managers are more important than top management team”

18/05/2021 - At the annual strategy kickoff, President & CEO of JYSK, Jan Bøgh, set the direction for the next financial year and highlighted the importance of Store Managers.


New store concept is being tested in Berlin

17/05/2021 - On 10 May, the prototype of a new store concept SC3 Compact opened in Berlin. The concept will be the solution for smaller stores with an ideal location without the possibility to expand.

Carla preview

One day in JYSK – Store Manager edition

12/05/2021 - At, we want to mark our international employer branding campaign that celebrates reaching 3,000 stores and aims to attract 2,000 extra Store Managers.

JYSK Russia Garden Event 2021

JYSK welcomed summer with a barbeque in Russia

11/05/2021 - In the space of two days, 30 journalists and ten bloggers visited a summer house decorated with JYSK furniture and accessories.

TV commercial

JYSK memories: TV commercial with JYSK founder, a blessing for DC Radomsko and award

05/05/2021 - A lot has happened in JYSK since the first store opened in Denmark in 1979. has been in the archives to see how the world of JYSK looked like in the past.