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Waste sorting benefits environment and climate


Author: Laura Roesgaard, Sustainability Communications Consultant , JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Sustainability , Strategy

Sorting the waste correctly is of great importance to the environment and climate, as a large part of our waste can be recycled if it ends up in the right bin. New signs will put more focus on the area.

Can a small, laminated sign save the world? Probably not. But it does make a difference.

Henrik Fisker, Retail Concept Manager.
Henrik Fisker, Retail Concept Manager.

It is, however, also not just any kind of sign. In fact, it is a whole sign package, which all together will ensure that JYSK becomes even better at sorting the waste correctly. And that means across 27 countries and even more laws and regulations.

Complex process, simple roll-out

All the store colleagues need to do is to press print, laminate, and put up the signs. And then of course remember to follow the instructions on how to sort the waste correctly.

Easy, simple – and hopefully effective.

But behind the simple workflow, which all stores must execute right now, is a much more complex process.

A complex process

  • Survey among Country Managers to ensure compliance with local laws
  • Feedback from test stores in four countries
  • Global adaptation, e.g., fewer signs and new design
  • Roll-out to local Store Concept Managers
  • Local adaptation to own set up
  • Photos of local solution in selected store and translation of instructions
  • Local roll-out to stores
  • Follow-up as part of Attractive Stores
  • Continuous adaptation of sign package so that it always complies with legislation

Since February 2021, Retail Concept Manager, Henrik Fisker, has been working on finding the best way to roll out a series of signs on waste sorting and recycling for all stores. And it is not quite as easy as it may sound.

“The first step was a survey among all Country Managers to secure alignment with local legislation. There is a lot of legislation in relation to waste sorting – not only at a country level, but often also regionally within the countries. And we have to consider it all,” says Henrik.

Based on info from Country Managers, the sign package was adapted and reduced from 35 to 16 signs.

"Some countries only need four signs, but in total we need 16 signs to cover our countries. The signs can be adapted on an ongoing basis, which means we are always ready for changes in the legislation,” says Henrik.

A new mindset

After the overall feedback from Country Managers, it was time for feedback from the stores to secure useability.

Ivan medium
Sales Assistant and Logistic Specialist, Iván Romani Rodríguez, from Spain took part in testing the signs before the final roll out.

The signs have been tested in four countries. Among other things, more stores have reported that the new signs have had a positive effect on the experience of working with waste sorting. 

“It is easier to sort the waste correctly and by doing so, we feel that we are contributing to preserving the environment for future generations to enjoy,” says Sales Assistant and Logistic Specialist, Iván Romani Rodríguez, from Camargo in Spain, which was chosen as a test store.

And changing the employees' perception is precisely one of the goals of the project.

"It is different what has been done in the past, among other things due to local legislation. Therefore, the effect of the new sign package will also be different. In some countries, waste has been sorted for a long time, and here the change is mainly a new concept and increased focus. In other countries, the changes will be more concrete," explains Henrik and adds:

"Regardless of earlier practices, we aim to change the mindset and focus on the fact that every single employee can make a difference."

As a result of the feedback from stores, the signs have been given a visual boost and now consist of easily recognisable, simple line drawings instead of photos. Click at the below graphic to see more examples of the new design.

As a result of the feedback from stores, the signs have been given a visual boost.

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