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See how ESS helps improve work environment in Ukraine

Date: 25/03/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Attractive Stores , Careers & HR , People

Based on results from the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS), significant initiatives have made the working day better for store employees in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

ESS survey results

Satisfaction & Motivation:

  • JYSK Nordic: 77
  • JYSK Ukraine: 78

Working Conditions: 

  • JYSK Nordic: 77
  • JYSK Ukraine: 79

Every other year, an international employee satisfaction survey is conducted across all countries in JYSK Nordic. The purpose of the survey is to find out what employees think about working in JYSK.

The results from the recent survey show that employees in JYSK are significantly more motivated and satisfied than market average, rating JYSK 77 out of 100. Also in terms of working conditions, JYSK Nordic received a score of 77 out of 100.

Besides measuring employees’ satisfaction level with JYSK, the survey also gathers feedback and comments from employees. And while the results are good, the direct feedback from employees is highly valued to make things even better.

Milena Shymanskaya, Country HR Manager JYSK Ukraine.

Improvements in Ukraine

Ukraine scored 79 out of 100 in the category ”Working conditions” and is one of the countries where many actions have been initiated based on the feedback from the survey to help make the work life even better. visited five stores in the capital city of Kiev, together with Country HR Manager for Ukraine, Milena Shymanskaya, to hear more about the improvements.

“We are really happy to implement these changes in our stores. Some of the changes are bigger than others but they all help make the workday better and safer for our colleagues in the stores, and that is really important to us,” says Milena and continues:

“Our employees’ wellbeing is of course very important. Therefore we appreciate the feedback we get in the survey, and we seek to deliver on as many wishes and ideas for improvements as possible.”

Below you can see some of the many initiatives that have been implemented in the stores.


Store visit #1 – Mathilda, “my personal assistant”

Igor Yaremko is Sales Leader in a JYSK store in Kiev. He proudly demonstrates Mathilda - a new electronic pallet lifter that has made the process of transporting pallets from the truck to the store much easier. The store is located approx. 200 metres from where the goods are delivered, and the route through the shopping centre in which the store is located is both narrow and curved.

“I call the pallet lifter Mathilda – it is like my own personal assistant. It is very helpful when we receive goods every week, and we can also use it in our stock room, which is very narrow. It is much more effective and less time-consuming for us,” says Igor.


Store visit #2 - Stock room from floor to ceiling

Mathilda also happens to be the name a ‘personal assistant’ in another store where Artur Kalitin is Logistics Responsible. Here, there is a very limited area available for stock room and therefore shelves have been built from floor to ceiling, making it difficult to reach products on the highest shelves. Therefore, the store received an electronic lift to help them.

“The machine is very safe to use for everyone, even our colleagues who are afraid of heights. Your feet and hands must be placed at specific spots before it starts. And it is very intuitive to use,” explains Artur, as he demonstrates how he easily collects the packages from the highest shelves using Mathilda.


Store visit #3 – Safe unloading

In another JYSK store in Gatne, which is located in suburbs of Kiev, a mobile remote makes the reception of goods safer. Outside, the store has a platform that can be raised to the same level as a truck which is used when unloading pallets from the truck.

“The platform easily gets slippery in cold weather or when raining and before we had to jump on and off to adjust the height of the platform. Now, the mobile remote makes it much easier and safer because I can control the platform while standing on it,” says Alexander Panchenko, Store Manager.


Store visit #4 – first 3.0 store in Ukraine

This store has recently been renewed and is the first 3.0 store in Ukraine. Besides the new impressive looks, the store has also been given a new kitchen area with a sink.

“It is really nice that we have an area where we can eat our lunch together. It is also much more effective now that we have a sink inside the store. Before, we had to leave the store and use the public restrooms in the shopping centre to wash hands, for example after unpacking goods,” says Denis Grunin, Sales Leader.


Store visit #5 – makeover for first Ukrainian store

The final store we visit is the very first JYSK store in Ukraine, which opened in 2004. Here we meet Olga Symonenko, who has been with JYSK Ukraine since the beginning. Today she is Store Manager and in her store, they have had some improvements in the stock room to make the processes smarter. Also, outside where the trucks unload the pallets, the roof has been prolonged.

“In Ukraine it snows quite a lot, and it can be difficult to handle the pallets when there is snow everywhere. Therefore we wished for a bigger area to be covered outside, where we receive our goods,” says Olga.

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