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Date: 24/03/2022

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant, JYSK

Category: Customer Service , Logistics , People

With more than 28,500 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked three JYSK colleagues to share their workday.

Below you will meet:

  • Asia from Distribution Centre Radomsko in Poland.
  • Vaggelis from a JYSK store in Greece. 
  • Mathilda from Customer Service Centre in Sweden.

Joanna Dzieżak (Asia), Warehouse Management Specialist from Distribution Centre Radomsko, Poland

I work closely with other departments in order to effectively organise the packing and shipping of goods. I also cooperate with people responsible for the Internal transport department. Thanks to the character of my job I have a lot of contact with other people every day, which I really appreciate.
In my job I am responsible for accurate managing of documents for shipping goods. I am also responsible for assigning trucks to the appropriate loading docks. I supervise the process of packing the goods that are ordered from our assortment. I check OOPUS orders (closing shipment, control of shipment of orders).
In JYSK, we organise Summer Games. I like to take part in such events because they involve sports activity, and they are a great way to spend time with my colleagues.


Vaggelis Plioumpis, Store Manager, Greece

AR time
It is important for our store to follow the weekly routines. One of the most significant routines is Area Responsible time. Here, we work at keeping our product areas in good shape, so that our customers have a great shopping experience and can easily find what they need.
new concept
A challenging and creative task is implementing the new concept. By working on the planogram and following the instructions on how to display our products, we manage to ensure uniformity in all JYSK stores and meet the expectations of our customers.


Mathilda Davidsson, Customer Service Supporter, Sweden

At our head office in Arlöv, we work close to our customers on both telephone, e-mail, and chat. We help customers regardless of whether they have shopped in one of our JYSK stores or on our website. Our aim is for every customer to be a satisfied and returning customer.
Here at the Customer Service Centre we focus on creating and maintaining great teamwork. It is a key factor for us to be able to exceed the customer’s expectations as well as staying ahead of the competition.
Every morning starts with a meeting where we go through the results from yesterday as well as the results from the past month. To have the opportunity to go through our results and to set new goals for ourselves is a great start to every morning. This routine supports us in getting better and better every day.


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