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“It is not only about the results, but also how we get there”

Date: 09/07/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications Coordinator

Category: Careers & HR , People

JYSK Hungary achieved great results in this year’s employee satisfaction survey (ESS). According to Sándor Tóth, SMT in Vecsés, this shows that JYSK really cares about employees.

Every second year, an employee satisfaction survey across all JYSK Nordic countries measures how satisfied employees are with working in the company.

The results from the ESS survey show that JYSK Hungary performed better than the JYSK Nordic average and significantly better that the Hungarian competitors.  

Especially in relation to satisfaction and motivation among the employees, JYSK Hungary scored 83 points on a 0-100 scale, which is a seven-point improvement compared to previous measurements. Also in terms of management, JYSK Hungary scored 90 in ‘Country Management’ and 91 for ‘Immediate Manager’.

Sándor Tóth, Store Manager Trainee in Vecsés

A good company policy

Sándor Tóth, Store Manager Trainee in a store in Vecsés close to the capital city Budapest, is happy with the results and thinks that performing the ESS survey is a good company policy.

“We are very focused on numbers and sales in our daily work. But the survey shows that working in JYSK is not only about the sales results, but also about human values. The way we get to the results is important too,” he says.

He explains that the survey is a great way to express your opinion as an employee:

“Some things can be difficult to say face-to-face, we can express those things in the survey.”

Krisztián Bojeczán, who is Store Manager in the same store and works closely together with Sándor, says that the survey is valuable to him when managing the team.

“I know what my team wants and expects from me. And I can better motivate my colleagues because I know exactly what is important to the employees.”

On the right track

Ágnes Nyeste, HR Manager in Hungary, is proud of the results. Last year JYSK Hungary was awarded Best Employer in Hungary in a survey with 95 companies done by AON Hewitt, an international consulting firm. This reward together with the impressive ESS results show that JYSK is moving in the right direction.

“We work a lot with the Scandinavian management style, for example open communication between employees and managers, which is not common in Hungary. Therefore I am proud of the results, because it shows that we are doing things right.”

In store photo
From left: Sándor Tóth, Store Manager Trainee; Ágnes Nyeste, HR manager JYSK Hungary; and Krisztián Bojeczán, Store Manager.

Constructive feedback

The ESS survey also helps Ágnes and her team in HR to focus on what can be improved in the future.

“We received a lot of open comments in the survey, which were very honest. The employees were specific when providing feedback and this is really helpful for us so we know what to improve,” she says.

Results ESS HU

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